June 29, 2017

The flowers appear on the earth,

the time of singing has come. 

   ~Song of Solomon 2:12

Summer is a time of playing and daydreaming; of enjoying God's beautiful creation in New Hampshire's meadows, hillsides, lakes, and shores.  We recognize that summer will call some of you away from St. Thomas.  You are in our hearts and prayers, and we wish you a good summer.  

St. Thomas remains open each summer with rich liturgy and music.  If you happen to be in the area, please come and worship with us at our
9 am Sunday services.    

A Blessing For The


Memorial Garden Dedication

Jerry and Tinka Finley stand with Rev. Gail Avery in the Memorial Garden holding a tiled plaque dedicating the garden to their son Geoffrey Finley.  The dedication took place on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

The following is the blessing read at the dedication.

May this Garden be a home to all who enter.

And every time you come here,

            may all the weight of the world

fall from your shoulders.

            May every heart be tranquil here,

            blessed by a peace the world cannot give.   


May this be a safe place,

where one can gain understanding and acceptance.

Where you can be as you are,  

without the need of any mask 

of pretense or image.


May it be a place of discovery, 

where the possibilities that sleep 

deep within our souls can emerge,

as we hear God calling forth 

all that is yet to come to birth.


May it be a place of welcome, 

  especially for the broken and diminished. 

Where healing and growth are loved into being,

where dignity and forgiveness prevail.  

Garden where love and patience are restored,

and the sight of our destination is never lost.  


May we ALL have the eyes to see

that no visitor, arrives without a gift…

And no one leaves without a blessing…  


~Inspired by John O’Donohue’s “For a New Home"

new chausible
The Altar Guild generously donated a beautiful new chasuble to the church to be worn during Ordinary Time.  Although similar to the well worn previous vestment, this chasuble is more vibrant in color and the design work is more pronounced and beautiful.

Rev. Gail Avery our Interim Rector blessed the chasuble at the June 18, 10 am service.

Thank you to our Altar Guild! 
St. Thomas is here for you year round, and that includes the Summer months!  We hope to see you at our 9 am Sunday services.  Our regular service hours will resume after Labor Day

If you need assistance from our ministry team or have questions about our parish, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Our office summer hours are 9 am to 12 noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Thank you to Claire and all of the other volunteers helping in the parish office this summer.
After many months of rehearsals and singing at services,  members of the choir take time out to enjoy a cook out together before Summer break.

The choir generously gives of it's time and talent throughout the year.  Our congregation is grateful for their dedication. The choir will resume in September. 

New choir members are always welcome.  If you think you'd like to sing this fall, please contact the office and someone will be in touch.
If you would like to become more involved in our church community, there is plenty to do.  Some of the committees such as property, communications, harvest fair, all need help....and there are more committees as well.  If you are interested please email the office and someone will contact you.

5 Hale Street
Dover, New Hampshire 03820