April 21, 2015

President's Mess(age):

I may not be much, but I'm all I ever think about.


And when I'm pretty famous, I feel an obligation to let you all know.  With humility and grace.


Attached is an article that was recently published by Broker World magazine.  I believe their circulation may be in the 10's of millions.  About.  More or less.


And yes, the publisher is a personal friend.  I'm not sure how you guessed that.


Pulitzer Stuff



A Well-Oiled Machine
By now, most of you have had the opportunity to work with Sammy Fretty, the latest addition to the HDM family.
If you have spoken to her on the phone, you know that she sounds very sweet.
Don't be fooled.
She is doing INCREDIBLE work.  She is efficient, she's responsive-- I'm amazed at how well she's picked up the job in the 18 months she's been here.
Her soft-spoken style does little to hide her 'down to business' attitude.  She's a firecracker, and I have 100% confidence in her abilities.  We found a gem here.
Her only request from you fine folk is that you try to submit application that are COMPLETE and IGO (in good order).  And if you have questions, CALL her!
And hey-- we know you're doing your level best.

Drop it Like it's Hot
You asked.  So here it is.  If you don't remember asking, perhaps you didn't; but somebody did, and regardless, here it is anyway.
H.D. Mooers and Company has developed our own internal "Drop Ticket" application process, and it's as slick as a Steph Curry Crossover.
You can now write term applications through Banner, Protective and United of Omaha with incredible ease and speed.  We'll be adding new carriers along the way.
Call me for a demo.  For the right type of case, this is a bonafide game changer.

On Your Mark, Get Set, GRO!
I still love GUL as a solution for many insurance needs.  And United of Omaha's is competitive.
And then some.  Most of their GUL policies have a Guaranteed Refund Option that provides 50% return of premiums at year 15, and 100% at years 20 and beyond.
What's more, their Chronic Illness Rider provides up to the lesser of $500,000 or 80% of the face amount if the insured is unable to perform 2 of the 6 Activities of Daily Living.
So your client can Die Early, Get Sick or get their money back along the way.  Aren't they lucky.
Here are some details on the Accelerated Benefits riders:



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