March 30, 2012


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This is what happens when We Believe.


When Urban Prep's first graduating class reached the 100% college-acceptance mark in February 2010, the whole world took notice. And when 100% of our second graduating class was also accepted to college, people were astounded by their success. Today, the young men in the Class of 2012 have proven that they are more than willing to accept the challenge of continuing the impressive Urban Prep legacy.


I am proud to announce to you that as of today, 100% of the students in Urban Prep's Class of 2012 have been admitted to four-year colleges and universities.   


This morning, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn joined me and a crowd of 1,500 students, parents, educators, community leaders, and friends to celebrate this achievement at an assembly at Urban Prep's Englewood Campus (click here for photos).  It was hard to hold back tears as I discussed the obstacles that our students have faced in achieving success.  One of my messages for them was that they have to stand their ground and not let anyone stand in their way. 


Also during the assembly, Urban Prep alumni stopped by to congratulate their "little brothers."  Gerald Jackson, a member of Urban Prep's inaugural graduating class and a current sophomore at Howard University, presented Urban Prep's college persistence data, which was also lauded by the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, who said:  "What Urban Prep calls its 'persistence' record-the number of kids who actually stay in college-is impressive. [Urban Prep's] 83 percent retention rate compares to a national figure for African-American males of 35 percent. The numbers demonstrate a measure of success beyond high school graduation. Getting kids into college, and through college and graduated from college is the school's mission."  


At Urban Prep, we are impressed but not surprised by the accomplishments of our senior class. We expect great things from our students, but their own expectations of themselves are even greater. The young men of Urban Prep have stood their ground, and they know that Urban Prep is here to stand with them...100%. 


This is what happens when We Believe. 

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