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My Story Standing Up


Have you ever stood up for yourself? For someone else? For a cause you believe in? Have you gotten back on your feet after being knocked down?

We asked our community of women from 190 countries to tell us about a moment in their lives when they took a stand. What emerged reminded us of what we knew all along----a vocal uprising is happening and women are at the helm.

Jensine Founder's Pulse: Get Up, Stand Up "They are the rising leaders who are turning the tide in every dusty village and urban metropolis imaginable."

More and more, women are standing up and shattering the status quo. Through the wires, women are logging on from every corner of the globe and sharing how they are taking small and big steps to speak out and be leaders.
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My Story My Story: Standing Up "Yes, I should stand up----for me and for the women!"
Mahe Jabeen | India

From small acts of defiance to big acts of riot, women are making it known that their leadership is key to ushering in a new world. Read a selection of the most powerful submissions we received in our My Story competition to see this leadership in action.
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Neema Namadamu
Neema Namadamu
Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo
Syria Syria
Stella Paul
Stella Paul
India India
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