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A message from EAG's CEO

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  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the people who have been supporters, friends and partners to The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan over the past year. 

  And what a year it was! The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan 

grew a lot this year, adding people, completing projects and lining up new energy projects for 2015.

   We worked hard to understand, then support and promote, the Michigan Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) finance program, in cooperation with Michigan Lean & Green, a program of Levin Energy Partners.

   We're convinced that PACE funding is key for local business owners who want to complete comprehensive energy projects, with NO up-front capital expense, and with a guaranteed increase in operational cash flow. That's the way the law is written!

   We're also very excited to begin work on the state's third major PACE project, a major energy upgrade at the Star Lincoln auto dealership. Read more about that at right.

   Our success and growth is partially due to the great people we have working in the company.

   But it's also due to you - those people who have referred business to us, helped us make important connections, answered questions for us, advised, and/or talked about our work in the marketplace. 

  Thank you for that! We appreciate your interest and involvement in our company and hope that relationship continues for years to come

  Here's hoping we all have a new year that is filled with good health, prosperity, excitement, growth and a little bit of fun!

Scott Ringlein, CEO & Founder, The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan


Roostertail saving on gas bill

 The Roostertail, Detroit's premier waterfront entertainment facility, is enjoying a 4.5 percent reduction in the cost of its natural gas and signed a contract to lock in that rate for one year.

   Volunteer Energy, Inc., a partner of The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan, was able to secure that lower cost for the Roostertail, though Michigan's Natural Gas Customer Choice program.

 The Roostertail, serving the southeastern Michigan area since 1958, began as a restaurant and now specializes in private events (wedding, proms, corporate events), with meeting/dining rooms that can accommodate between 50 and 500 guests.

EAG managing major PACE energy project at Star Lincoln

    Star Lincoln auto dealership learned it's not only possible, but also profitable, to make energy upgrades using Michigan's new Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.

  The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan will manage the $485,000 energy efficiency upgrade at the Star Lincoln auto dealership in Southfield helping Star become the first car dealership in Michigan (and one of the first in the nation) to use PACE funding for an extensive energy efficiency project. It's estimated that Star Lincoln will reduce its electrical use by 44 percent and its natural gas use by 25 percent.

Air compression
Star will have a variable speed drive compressed air system in place of this one

   PACE financing is an innovative off-balance sheet and cash-flow positive method of paying for energy efficiency upgrades. 

   Star Lincoln's project is the third major PACE-funded project coordinated through Lean & Green Michigan, working to create one statewide PACE market without taxpayer funding.

  According to Star Lincoln's Jim McInerney, "To car guys like us, this is just common sense. Before now, there was really no way to finance major energy upgrades. They take too long to pay back. But with PACE, we can get a state-of-the-art energy system and let the energy savings pay for themselves." 
   Learn more about this exciting project, by clicking here!
'Keeping PACE' educational event videos are now online

  An inquisitive group of more than 70 people attended The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan's "Keeping PACE with Energy Efficiency in Michigan" panel discussion in Troy last month. The event was so successful EAG of Michigan plans to offer it in Michigan at least three more times in 2015, with dates and locations to be announced later.

 The event was designed to educate business owners, contractors, and people working in energy efficiency and finance about Michigan's new Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.

  PACE is an innovative finance program for industrial and commercial property owners to pay 100% of the costs for energy efficiency upgrades, on-site renewable energy projects and water conservation measures. This innovative method of off-balance sheet project financing eliminates the need for up-front capital and provides property owners with immediate and steady positive cash flow.

   Here's the link to watch the videos. Total viewing time is 1 hour, 17 minutes.

TotalGrow lighting trial underway in Honolulu

Fred Lau

   Do TotalGrow solid-state volumetric lights grow healthier plants faster using less energy? We'll have answers to that question soon, thanks to a trial being conducted by Fred Lau, owner of Mari's Gardens in Honolulu.

   Lau, in photo at right, is testing three shelves of TotalGrow lights (one shelf with eight lights, one with 10 and another with 12 TotalGrow lights), supplied by The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan, and seven shelves of T5 and LED panel lights. EAG had custom shelves built for the lights to be mounted in the grow towers. 

   This trial is being run as part of a project that involves the development of an aquaponics grow system, designed to fit into

a standard ISO shipping containers. 

   Lau's Mari's Gardens specializes in aquaponics and was hired by a Japanese company, Horimasa International Company Ltd.,
owner of  Vegilab, to create these containers to grow fresh greens (and raise fish) for the Asian market. Learn more about this  

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