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Don't let another class pass by without signing up for a new career in the racing industry.  Hedgecock Racing Academy is "The Lauch Pad for Motor Sports Careers". 
Learning Experience


1st class welding together picture Each class lasts for nine weeks.  During the fist five weeks, participants learn about welding, sheet metal fabrication, bending roll bars, and tubing knotchers, frame jigs and suspension, and makeing steel and aluminum panels.  Weeks six through nine involve class members building a stock car from the ground up, then testing it as a class. 
1st class welding together picture
"Jay and his great crew are some of the best and most experienced in the business. The knowledge and experience you get at Hedgecock Racing Academy is the best you can receive anywhere. Hedgecock Racing is a real down to earth race shop where the people are friendly and the experience is life changing. Straight out of the Academy, I went to work at Speed Works in Thomasville, North Carolina, building Porsche racecars. When people see my work or see me weld, they say dang you are good, and I say, I know because I went to Hedgecock Racing Academy to learn to be the best. Therefore, if you are looking to become a great fabrication or great at anything to do with racing, do the right thing and go to Hedgecock Racing Academy. " - Jeremie Berrier, Speed Works


Hedgecock Racing Academy is on the job training, the staffing there is great, and they were there to help whenever I needed it. I attended another racing school in NC and nothing compared to the training I received at Hedgecock Racing. I actually got a full hands on approach to everything it takes to build a racecar from the ground up. The employees there are personable, have great work ethics, and do top of the line work. I had minimal experience in fabrication and what it takes to work for a race team before going to Hedgecock Racing. Being able to go out and work with different teams during the week and on the weekends was a prime opportunity to see how actual race teams work and what work gets done leading up to a race. Having on track experience, along with the in-shop experience instills confidence in future employers and will also increase my chances in landing that job with high end race team. Thank you so much to everyone involved with my awesome experience at Hedgecock Racing Academy  Ryan Hoffmeyer, Osgood, IN April 2010


My learning experience was great at Hedgecock Racing. by far it is the only place you cna get the best teaching skills in motorsports. Hedgecock is the only solution if your looking to attain a job in NASCAR or the motorsports industry. Jay has a great name in the race car business, everyone knows him and his great work he does. This is why I believe Hedgecock Racing is such a great school. Everyone at Hedgecock is very helpful in your nine week experience. When I first come to Hedgecock I knew very little, now nine weeks later hopefully I can attain a job in the racing industry. I can't give enough thanks to all the employees at Hedgecock Racing for your great learning experience. Thanks Jay, Keith, Billy, & Averitt.- Lance White, Mooresboro, NC  Oct 2010

Take a tour 
white car in shop 
We offer a tour of the facility every Wednesday night at 6:00pm or contact Hedgecock Racing (336) 887-4221 or email jay@hedgecockracing.com for a private tour.     


If you want to work in racing, you have to commmit your life - it's not a game. You've got to drop what you're doing and start fresh with the proper training. 
Jay Hedgecock
Hedgecock Racing Enterprises