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At Borealis, the new onion loaf joins the tasty baguettes and boules

Bath Farmers Market
Saturday March 10 2018

Carrots are bright and tasty at Goranson Farm
Fruits &   Vegetables
Goranson Farm, MicroMainea, Oyster Creek Mushroom Co., Pleasant Pond Orchard, Sparrow Farm, Tarbox Farm

Beets, braising greens, cabbage, carrots, cranberries, garlic, greens , kale, leeks, , microgreens, mushrooms, onions, parsnips, potatoes, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, turnips, winter squash
Magical indeed-ask Robin which yummy ingredients do the trick at Chase Farm

Ba ked Goods
Beryls Pastries, Borealis Breads,Chase Farm Bakery

breads: bagels, baguettes, bialys, sourdough, wholegrain, anadama, ciabatta, focaccia, cinnamon raisin, olive, buckwheat, seeded and blended, breadsticks, croissants, morning pastries, dinner rolls, English muffins, cakes, hand pies, cookies, scones, tarts, doughnuts, quiches, brownies, muffins, coffee cakes , pizza dough, pretzels
Steak Fans-choose your cut or try all 3 from Springdale Farm'-impressive selection

Meat & Poultry
Kelley Brothers Beef, Mainely Poultry, Meadowcroft, Old Narrow Gauge Farm, Pine Tree Poultry, Springdale Farm, Tarbox Farm

beef, chicken,
duck, lamb, pork, turkey, 
whole, cut , ground

marrow bones, suet
bacon, hams, pork belly,
hocks (fresh & smoked), sausage 
Irrisistable Oysters at Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Fish & Shellfish

Maine Saltwater Creations,
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

fresh salmon , pollock, haddock, mussels, scallops, fish sticks, crab and salmon cakes, picked crab and lobster meat (check with vendor).
Fresh Lebneh with chives and pickled scapes-limited edition at Appleton Creamery

Cheese and Dairy

Appleton Creamery, Chase Farm , Coppertail Farm, Hahns End, Springdale Farm

cows milk cheeses, goats milk cheeses,
hard & soft, marinated and spiced,
fresh and aged
feta, mozzarella, ricotta, cream cheese,
butter, cows milk(raw), yogurt


 Goranson Farm, Mainely Poultry, Shepherds & Such, Sparrow Farm
Fresh gold-honey from Pleasant Pond Orchard

Preserved and Premade
Borealis Breads  -  granola
Coppertail Farm - cajeta, caramels
Goranson Farm -  dried beans, maple
Gracies Garden - lactofermented
vegetables, kvass, pickles
Maine Saltwater Creations - fresh frozen  soups and chowders, fish cakes and sticks, casseroles and meatballs 
Old Narrow Gauge Farm-  preserved
vegetables, pickles relishes, wildflower
& fruit syrups and pastes, fruit jams jellies, seasonal items
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood-  fish and shellfish loaves, shellfish cakes, chowders, bisques, dips, stock, casseroles & pies
Pine Tree Poultry-chicken (whole or parts) empanadas, pies, soup, sliced or whole turkey breast, fresh turkey salad
Pleasant Pond Orchard -honey,
maple syrup, granola, hand cream 
Sparrow Farm - cranberry sauce,
relish, ketchup, fruit jam
A knitters dream, glorious colors from Meadowcroft-Seacolors

Handcrafted, Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee -locally roasted organic coffee
Coppertail Fa rm-goats milk soap
Hawthorn & Thistle -Hand dyed wool and wool products from Jacob Sheep
Mana Medicinals -Herbal tinctures & teas, aromatics and moisturizers, healing clay. Chair massages.
Meadowcroft Seacolors -   Handraised wool, sea dyed and available in skeins or individually designed clothing & blankets 
Shepherds & Such -  beeswax candles, felted goods, buttons, wax flowers, jewelry, smudge and more
Sisters Soap - goats milk soap at Appleton Creamery
Get ready for Earth Day and "no plastic" with this insulated bag at Pemaquid

Hope you got through the storm reasonably well and enjoyed some great food from your Saturday shop. There are rumblings about another storm on Monday or Tuesday, so make sure to pick up our fresh ready to heat items-soups and fish /shellfish cakes, jarred veggies, smoked poultry, savory pies, chicken and turkey salads, tarts, granola, breads, sweet and savory pastries. Don't forget desserts.

Eleven days til spring so take heart!
St. Davids-ripe and ready for your table at Hahns End
  From our vendors-specials, s ales, seasonal

It's never too warm for a blanket from Nanne at Meadowcrof t-her finely woven, non allergenice wool is warm in iwnter and just right for cool nights the rest of the year (this IS Maine) Ditto her glorious sweaters-never know where you'll find a draft here in July!

At Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood, sweet dry scallops, truly elegant haddock await. And do check out those oysters -if you love them you'll want a commitment for life.l

Bagels and Bialys are always fresh at Hootennany; take a stroll through Manhatten without leaving town.
A fresh and friendly selection of goats milk soap at Coppertail Farm
Bery l brought in her fig and rosemary muffins again, these subtly flavored nicley crumbed beauties really require a slow savor-try a cup of Big Barn's Rosa Marquez coffee from Honduras as an accompaniment to a slow and special entry to your day.

Indulge in the Tangerine Poppy soap from Coppertail for a bright hint of spring to come. Each bar has it's own personality, dont you think? They've begun spring -7 lambs already and 40 more to go. Goodbye sleep...

Applewood and deer antler buttons for your knitting and sewing projects-or just making some replacements special-are available at Shepherds & Such -and check the new soflty colored table runners mistily threaded with gold.
Pretty enough to hang on the wall-table runners at Shepherds & Such
T he creamy, just perfectly aged St. David is on sale at Hahns End . Try slicing a skinny baguette from Borealis for a satisfyingly crunchy compliment.

Tha divine smelling onion bread at Boralis is worth a try too-a couple of sizes and great for sandwiches or so nice croutons.

Always something new at Chase Farm i-chocolate covered gluten free cheese cake bites, magic bars, and my fave, those chunky nicely spiced pork pies a couple of weeks ago.
Perfect oysters (and some prime portabellos) right now at Oyster Creek
Cranberry Sauce and Raspberry Jam at Sparrow are both delicious with breakfast yogurt. Their fresh tflavors reassure that smmer will come.

At Kelley Brothers the ground beef sale-lean or leaner- continues. Just what a burger should be. And Tammy has marrow bones for dogs right now-or make your own bone broth..

Enjoy the light, smooth experience that is the Thai Sweet Potato soup at Maine Saltwater-just a few prime ingredients, nicely blended. Add one of her salmon cakes for a smugly healthy and delicious lunch.
Start your day with Rosa Marquez at Big Barn Coffee

A limited edition of Lebneh, a yogurt based spreading cheese, is available at Appleton-do try this Middle Eastern specialty now. And Caitlin is also introducing a new cheese-St Bridgets, washed with beer-creamy goodness.

At Tarbox, Kyle is offering free pork roasts, while they last, when you sign up for a share-yum for months to come. and they still have all those lovely cabage varieties for stews, slaws and sautees.

Looking good John

The campaign at gofundme for John Barnstein of Mainely Poultry continues-go to
to help support John and his family/farm through his cancer treatment.

Goranson Farm reminds you to Hold the Date on March 25 for Maine Maple Sunday , a full bore country celebration of living on the earth. Bring your kids, your friends, and a whole lot of wonder. You'll be glad you did.

And they are still offering sleigh rides-as long as there's snow. Dashing thru the snow can happen to you and it is fun! Call 207 319 9772 -that's Carl, your dirver, to schdule.

At Hawthorne & Thistle Stephanie is barnraising- She needs your help to get under way before new lambs arrive-too many to squish into the one she has now. Stop and chat.

April 21 is Earth Day . That's the start of
the no plastic bags era in Bath. So now is prime time to purchase a market bag at the Community Room-the SNAP volunteers are there to help. These are roomy handstiched canvas, with a striking graphic of the Freight Shed,made by a woman owned company in NH. Free with a donation of 12$ or more or just buy one.

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood also has bags:insulated, how cool! for a mere $6. thy will no longer be able to give you ice, so we suggest a bag and a cold pack of your own. These are great for meat and poultry too.

Cherish the Day
Red Beans and Rice are here to entertain and entice

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