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State Champions   

The Winder-Barrow Bulldogg Battalion Raiders were on a mission this year: work together as a team and win. Their preparation began in the spring with a six week Raider conditioning training regimen that focused on individual fitness. What seemed like never-ending sets of sit-ups and countless miles running around the community, were training sessions crucial to our championship endeavor. Read more.

Our 2017 Raiders: Michael Twitty (Sr); Bre McNamara (Sr); Trey Loftin (Sr); Rebecca Tibbitts (Sr); Nicholas Nagy (Sr); Ryan Hart (Jr); Alex Gomez (Jr); Winnonah Evenson (Jr); Caleb Ayer (Sophomore); Kassity Vonier (Sophomore); Riley Bush (Freshman); and Lizzy Mejia (Freshman). Photo credit Cadet Chloee Lee (Jr).

WBHS Wendy's Heisman Recognitions

There are some students who set the bar. They work harder, show more passion and lead by example-in the classroom, on the field and within the community. Today, Wendy's High School Heisman recognizes Ashley Everett and Parks Jordan from Winder-Barrow High and Kate Thompson and Parker Miller from Apalachee High.

"These students are known by their teachers and friends for their commitment to excellence. We are excited and honored that a program like Wendy's High School Heisman is also recognizing their "GG" effort," said Dr. Al Darby, WBHS Principal.

AHS Wendy's Heisman Recognitions

"These students are known for their athleticism, academic achievement, and countless contributions to the community. We are very proud of their representation of our student body and the Chee Nation," said Jennifer Martin, AHS Principal.

Effective communication is important to the Barrow County School System. Ensuring accurate, timely and trustworthy communications with key stakeholders is integral to supporting student success. Because communication is so important, we will be conducting SCoPE (School Communications Performance Evaluation) Surveys dedicated to evaluating the effectiveness of our communications. Starting next week, surveys will be launched to find out if our employees, student's families and community members are getting the information they want and need. When the invitation arrives please take the survey and tell us how we are doing.

La comunicación eficaz es muy importante en el Sistema Escolar del Condado de Barrow. Nos es integral asegurar que la comunicación con la comunidad sea oportuna y fidedigna para poder apoyar el éxito estudiantil. Debido al hecho de que la comunicación es tan importante, vamos a ofrecer una encuesta denominada la Encuesta School Communications Performance Evaluation, o SCoPE por sus siglas en inglés para evaluar la eficacia de nuestras comunicaciones con ustedes. La semana entrante vamos a comenzar con esta encuesta para llegar a saber si los empleados, las familias de los estudiantes, y otros miembros de la comunidad sí reciben toda la información que deseen y que necesiten recibir o no. Cuando reciban la invitación para participar en esta encuesta, les rogamos que tomen la encuesta para darnos su opinión.

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Dr. Chris McMichael

Board Members
Debi Krause
Garey Huff Sr.
Connie Wehunt
Michael Shelley
Lynn Stevens
Rickey Bailey
Suzanne Angle
Rolando Alvarez
Mark Still 


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November 5
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November 7
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November 8
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November 20-24

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