Hello LFC Families,
Good luck to all of our LFC teams playing in the preliminary weekend of State Cup and the finals weekend of Presidents Cup. Congrats to our 05GR, 03GR, 02GR, 01GR, 04BB, 03BR, and 02BR teams for advancing to the second weekend of Presidents Cup. Schedules for all of those games can be found at https://lexingtonfc.demosphere-secure.com/state-cup-and-president-s-cup-games-may-26-28.
A NEW Registration System - IMPORTANT

KYSA is changing our registration system, so we will no longer be using Affinity. The new platform is called US Soccer Connect, which is powered by Blue Star Sports/Stack Sports. This will require you to create a new account as part of registration and redo many of the tasks you should have already done in the Affinity system (upload birth certificates; upload player picture). We apologize for any inconvenience but are hopeful that the new system is much more user friendly than the old system.

As you prepare to register your child for a team, please keep in mind you will be required to upload a birth certificate and player picture at the time of registration. We encourage families to go ahead and get those items in line so they able to register in a timely manner.

Please reach out to Mariah Yantz at lexingtonfc@lysa.org or 859-219-1493 with any questions or concerns. And, this system is new for all of us so please bear with Mariah and the administrative team as we all get used to this new system.
More Payment Plan Options

We have heard your requests and LFC has decided to increase the number of installments for the payment of registration fees to help families and spread out the timing of the payments. This year you will be able to select an installment plan and have your payments made in three installments:
  • ½ at the time of registration
  • ¼ on August 1, 2018
  • ¼ on September 1, 2018.
Registration Fees: What they cover

When you register your child for a team, you may notice that the LFC registration fees appear to have increased – this is not the case. We are only changing the way and timing of when we collect the fees and are passing on some administrative fees and charges that are being charged to LFC by KYSA/Stack Sports as part of their registration system.

  • A $100.00 fee is now being collected at registration to cover the winter training facility and coaching fees. In the past, that fee was collected later in the fall as part of a team assessment. 
  • A $30.00 fee is added to the registration fee, an that amount that represents a 2.9% credit card processing fee (which we added and collected at registration in years past) and now also includes administrative fees and charges that are being charged to LFC by KYSA/Stack Sports.

So, for an example, if you are U13 and your registration fee last year was $1,000.00, you will now pay $1,130.00 at registration. You can do this either in full or in 3 installments (see above). That includes the $1,000.00 LFC registration fee, $100.00 winter facility/coach fee and $30.00 Credit Card/KYSA/Stack Sports fee.
Winter Training - U12 and Younger

We are happy to report that, beginning with the upcoming 2018-2019 season, the coaching fee for winter training will now be included as part of your registration fee (which is not being increased). This has been provided to older teams in the past but the cost for indoor facility rental and coaching fees were paid separately by teams as part of the assessment process. The bottom line - U12 and younger teams will now have winter training without an additional assessment fee to cover coaching expenses.
Goalkeeper Training

We are finalizing the options for keeper training and will provide additional information in upcoming e-blasts!
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