State of the budget at stake: Take action today!

Apologies: our last email did not have working links. Please use the links in this email to take action for a responsible, complete state budget.

Illinois has entered another new year with no state budget. A new General Assembly has been sworn in and today Governor Rauner will speak to Illinoisans in his State of the State address.
TODAY, go to to TAKE ACTION for a complete state budget.
Providers are not being paid, access to college for young people has been limited, supports for working families have been cut and proven, cost-effective services for young parents, at-risk youth, and families struggling with homelessness, mental health and violence have been slashed. Across Illinois, our communities are hurting.
Movement towards a budget has begun, but we are still far from a resolution. NOW is a critical time for our elected leaders to hear from constituents that Illinois needs a fully funded year-long responsible budget supported by adequate revenue.
TODAY, go to to TAKE ACTION. Tell Governor Rauner and your lawmakers to set aside political agendas and present complete budget proposals that invest in Illinois families and communities.
We are one Illinois, and together we demand that those elected to represent us get the job done NOW. 

Please forward this newsletter to friends or colleagues who are affected by the budget impasse in Illinois. If you have questions or suggestions, email us at .
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