September 23, 2013


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 After much reflection and prayer, I have made my decision of whether to remain as Chairman.  I thank those many Party members, activists, elected officials and many more who have contacted me for support over the past week.


 When others and myself embarked more than two years ago to be the new leaders of the Party, our goal was to fix a Party that was weak and had no vision of the future for Montgomery County.


 When the new Party leadership team was voted in place in April 2012, more than a month passed before we had access to the Party's books, bank accounts were closed, and Party computers were erased.  Also, our team dealt with a state auditor finding due to party fund mismanagement including other fiscal issues. This was during a period of time when we were in the middle of a Presidential election and other campaigns.


 Once elected, we immediately hit the ground running with a comprehensive grassroots plan, aggressive communications plan, and several family friendly Party events at lower cost, and a complete overhaul of the Party's accounting.  


 Unlike prior practices, the majority of monies raised were placed in Party accounts that went to candidates or candidate support, not party operations. Every effort was taken to limit Party expenses for the support of Republican candidates, including low rent and the decision not to have paid staff.


 Statewide, our team was commended after last year's elections as being the only urban county in Ohio to actually decrease the margin between Republicans and Democrats, while all other urban counties saw a significant increase. This led my team to give presentations about Montgomery County Republican Party's 2012 grassroots plan and precinct organization project to several other County parties and the Ohio Republican Party during the last several months.


 We have begun major outreach efforts to the African-American community, Latino community, Youth, and Women.  The face of the Party has changed with a new diverse group by attending naturalization ceremonies welcoming new U.S. citizens, professional women's club, college republican outreach, unique voter registration drives, involvement in MLK festivities, an internship program and much more Party building efforts.


 Also, the Party is now a service to our candidates. The Party has a record number of local candidates this year and provided several training classes at no cost to the candidates. We recruited candidates for offices traditionally ignored and supported all Party candidates. This included Party political polling, a comprehensive slate card program, precinct support for every candidate, and more.


 Many of you know about our current division in the County Party. The division is a disagreement of direction. Our team believes the Party's future rests in you, the grassroots.  Others believe it rests in money and looking to the past.


 Politics has changed and so has Montgomery County. The future of the Party is not the few in smoked-filled rooms making decisions of the Party. The future of our Party is grassroots with personal appeal that can change hearts and minds in Montgomery County. The Party will not move forward until those with obsolete party methods and campaign tactics accept reality.


 There have been some party members that have been undermining our team's efforts since starting and have vowed to continue to do so for the next two years.


 I'm more than confident our team would have won any fight for control, but it would come at great cost. Considering that with the changing political dynamic and broader use of SuperPACs, our team has decided to resign, including myself as Chairman, to purse other political causes for the future of our region.


I have informed the Chairman of the Central Committee, Phil Plummer, of my resignation as Chairman of the Party to be effective Oct. 14. This will allow time for a Central Committee meeting to be called for the election of our team's replacement, the closing of Party Headquarters, and other preparations. I will be transferring all Party accounts, books, and property immediately to the newly elected Chairman.


I will remain as an elected precinct captain and look forward to seeing you at future Central Committee meetings.


I thank all of you for your efforts for the improvement of the County Party. While it is impossible to recognize everyone, I thank those who went above and beyond for the betterment of the Party. You know who you are and be proud of what was accomplished and will be. Thank you.


 In Liberty,



Rob Scott

Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Party



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