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Week of 07-30-2017
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    BBC Filming
If you are interested in see a live film crew at work plan to be at church by 6:30 on Thursday August 3 to watch the BBC in action. They are preparing a YouTube documentary on John Henry Hopkins and "We Three Kings"
                          Parish Register Missing                                                          
The church office is missing Book 1 of the Parish Register. This is the volume that contains the earliest records of the church and the beginning date is 1820. PLEASE check your closets; your memory, and with any members of the parish who no longer attend services regularly. It is extremely important that we make every effort to locate this book. It is not only needed to complete our paper records but we also receive many geneology requests. The last use of the original book was in 2008.
           Improving Parish Communication

     We are rapidly becoming a dynamic faith community and our building is full of classes, ministries and activities that sometimes require creative coordination. 
      The essential ingredient of this coordination is an easily accessible and open communication chain - phone, email, text, print, media sites.
       There is a Master Calendar in the office that is continually being updated as we learn of activities that you are planning. Mother Teri and Leslie strongly encourage you to make use of it as you plan your event. You can notify the office by phone or email - or come in to add/change your information. If you do this in a timely manner, other groups who use the building can be notified in ample time  to work cooperatively to ensure that all events are well publicized and successful.

Margaret Meyer and Charles Black
want you ALL  to know
that you are most cordially invited
to attend their wedding ceremony
on August 19th, 11AM
at Trinity Episcopal Church.
A reception will follow in the Parish Hall
                            Week of July 30, 2017
           Birthdays this coming week: Jane Ryan, 
    Anniversaries this coming week. Richard and Nancy Hills

Would you like to have your birthday or anniversary recognized in this spot? Please contact the Church Office: 561-2244 or
Lectionary for Sunday July 16, 2017
 Genesis 29:15-28 - Psalm 105:1-11, 45b - Psalm 128 - Romans 8:26-39 - Matthew 13:31-33,44-52 
                                       Saint Mary's Altar Guild
We are very grateful for all the wonderful flowers that have been donated to beautify the main church altar and St. Helen's Chapel altar. The Guild would like to make a friendly reminder that donations for oil in the sanctuary light are also most welcome. It's a nice way to remember loved ones by keeping a light burning for them.
Plan Ahead - Parish Picnic Coming Up in August

Remember this fun event from last year? It was a very spirited group that gathered at Point au Roche last August for really good food and fellowship - a celebration of community renewal.
Are you ready to celebrate even better times this year?
Watch upcoming newsletters for details as we get closer to August 27. The festivities will begin at 12 noon!
You may also go          online for registration forms                - 
available on the church's website:

                        The Collection Box is Now in the Narthex
Are you looking for opportunities to serve or to do mission work? Is your first answer I can't do that because (add your own reason). Did you know that you can contribute in a small but very significant way? Are you collecting spigots from wine and coffee boxes? 
             Area Code Change Coming in August

Don't forget to start dialing 10 digits when you place phone calls starting August 19. This is the next step in implementing the new 838 area code in this area, Example: when calling the church you must dial 518-561-2244.

Meadowmount School of Music will present a concert at the Plattsburgh Memorial Chapel (Old Base Chapel) on Thursday, August 3 at 6:30 PM. TIckets are $15 per person.
Trinity Week at a Glance
Monday   07/31  Church Office Closed
7 PM   Plattsburgh Police Pipes and Drums
Tuesday  08/01   
Wednesday 08/02  10:30 AM - 12 N Centering Prayer Chapel
                                 5 PM Community Meal Parish Hall 
                               The Giving Tree Clothing Store Open
                            6 PM     Holy Eucharist      Chapel
                             Thursday 08/03   6:30 BBC Filming for YouTube
                               Friday 08/04
                          Saturday 08/05    5 PM Holy Eucharist
                      Sunday 08/06  8 AM Holy Eucharist
            9 AM Gospel Study
             10 AM Holy Eucharist

                    10 AM Worship Participants Schedule  
                                (July, August, September)
  • (If you are accustomed to reading the E-Letter from your smart phone, this will not align properly on your phone. Please plan to pick up a printed copy at rear of sanctuary if you need one)

ACOLYTE:                               1. John       2.  Bev          3. Ray        4.  Merry         5.  Jenni

NEW TESTAMENT:                 1.  Dana     2.  Scott        3.  Merry    4. Bill               5.  Bev
OLD TESTAMENT:                  1. Alice       2.  Dana        3.  Alice     4.  Dana          5.  Bill
PSALM:                                   1.  Bill         2.  Wendy     3.  Bev       4.  Scott          5.  Dana

CHALICE BEARER:                1.  Jenni     2. Ray         3.  Wendy   4.  John          5.  Jenni    
WAGON W/MICHELLE:          1. Olga/Ana/Andy  2.  Jan   3.  Scott  4.  Bill           5. Jenni

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE:  1.  Merry   2.  Bill          3.  Dana      4.  Bev           5.  Paul

USHERS :                            1.  Pat/Jan     2.  Shedrick/Bill   3.  Wendy/Scott   4.  Bill/Jan  5. Shedrick/Pat

FLOATERS:                         Bruce, Sally, Joanne, Charles  
Monthly Meeting/Event Schedule
Pot Luck Coffee Hour - First Sunday of each month
Weekly Bible Study Tuesdays 10 AM - 12 N resumes in  September
Finance - First Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM in Upper Room
Vestry -  Beginning in July, Second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in Chapel
St. Helen's Ministry - First Tuesday of each month 12 Noon in Parish Hall
Trinity Cares - Second Sunday of each month 11:15 AM in the Parish Hall
  Clinton County Nursing Home Worship Service - Second Thursday of each month
Soup and Share CANCELLED -   (to be continued in Fall)
Liturgy Committee - Months of Sep, Nov, Feb, Apr, June  on the last Tuesday at 6:30 PM
in Upper Room
   Pastoral Care
  Mother Teri believes that pastoral care is a major component of her ministry. Your concerns - spiritual, emotional and physical - are very important to her. If you, or someone you know in the parish, is in need of support and/or guidance, prayers, or just a friendly ear, please call Mother Teri's cell phone: 518-565-7705.  You may also call the church office at any time Tuesday through Friday, 9-3 to speak to the Pastoral Care Coordinator, 518-561-2244. In non-critical situations, feel free to leave a message and we will call back at the earliest opportunity.
 Church Office Hours: 9 AM - 3 PM Tuesday - Friday
518-561-2244 (phone)