When you work with electricity every day, safety is top of mind every minute! We care about your safety at home too. We recognize National Electrical Safety Month every May, but we encourage all Umatilla Electric Cooperative members to take simple, practical steps to ensure home safety year-round. 

Visit our Electrical Safety page on our website to learn best practices to keep your home safe.

Do you have kids? Check out these electrical safety cartoons!

Electricity cannot be seen, heard or smelled. That often makes children susceptible to the dangers of electricity.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International has created cartoons, games and resources for parents to help kids learn safe electrical usage. Children learn about proper ways to use electricity by following Private I. Plug (PIP) through a series of cartoons. Check it out!

View Private I. Plug's Electrical Safety Cartoons here

Did you miss the fun of our 86th Annual Meeting?

View our highlight video today to see what you missed!

May is Wildfire Awareness Month. Be Prepared!

In recent years, wildfires have emerged as a growing public safety concern throughout the West. Although wildfires have many causes, from lightning to an unattended campfire spark, electric utilities – and UEC – are continuing to do their part to help keep our communities safe.

Like utilities throughout the West, UEC has intensified efforts to address wildfire concerns as we experience longer dry spells, temperature extremes and summer skies filled with smoke.

What can UEC Members do to prepare?

  • Have a personal safety plan in place for every member of your household (including pets). Ready.gov has a great template to get your family started.
  • Plan for any medical needs like medications that need to be refrigerated or devices that require power.
  • Build or restock your emergency supply kit, including food, water, flashlights, a radio, fresh batteries, first aid supplies and cash.
  • Identify backup charging methods for phones.
  • Ensure it’s possible to manually open your garage door should the electric motor be unavailable.
  • If you own a backup generator, ensure it is ready to safely operate.

What is a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

The practice of preemptively taking power lines out of service to mitigate wildfire, commonly known as a Public Safety Power Shutoff, is taking hold in the Northwest. 

When would a Public Safety Power Shutoff Occur?

Every situation is unique. Some areas UEC serves are at an increased risk of wildfires. As a last resort safety precaution, electricity could be turned off in higher risk areas during extreme weather events for public safety in an effort to prevent a fast-moving, hard to fight wildfire. 

UEC monitors local fire danger conditions across our diverse service territory and takes into consideration a combination of weather and environmental factors. To view more on a Public Safety Power Shutoff, visit our website.

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