What keeps you
on your toes?
I love the arts and am constantly amazed at how they
enrich and challenge me, sometimes in unexpected ways.
Ballet has always been one of my favorite art forms.
It makes my heart soar, keeps my body healthy and
inspires me to be a better business person.
Click the photo and get inspired!

Practice makes perfect. Ballet and business both demand exacting performance and routine to succeed. A successful ballet dancer must put in a lot of hours of practice. Business success requires developing a routine and putting in a lot of hours of work.

Positivity and resilience. Ballet is an undeniably punishing career, but a large part of a ballet dancer's job is to make the difficult look easy. In business, we will experience times that test us. Remembering that these are just moments in the much bigger picture will help build a positive mindset and maintain resilience.

Never stop learning. Even the best ballet dancers continue to work on their craft and take daily classes. To be truly successful in business, it's important to commit to being a lifelong learner by staying open to new ideas and maintaining a willingness to learn from others.