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New Chassis Policy

May 1, 2011


Highlights of OOCL Oakland Chassis policy and Procedures:

  • OOCL will no longer provide carrier chassis in port of Oakland with effective 5/1/2011
  • Truckers have the choice and are required to have the interchange agreement with chassis providers or come in with their own chassis.
  • Chassis providers are SSAT, Flexivan, TRAC, DCLI , Compass, etc.
  • BACP current users must sign up for Flexivan (Flexiday) so they do not get trouble tickets.

April 1, 2011


Highlights of CMA Oakland Chassis Policy and Procedures:
  • As of April 1st, motor carriers on the West Coast will be responsible for obtaining chassis to perform drayage moves for CMA CGM.
  • TRAC Intermodal has been selected as the preferred chassis solutions provider for CMA CGM. 
  • TRAC has launched TRAC Connect product in this region to support all chassis requirements.
  • To become an approved carrier of TRAC Connect, motor carriers (both new and existing TRAC Intermodal customers) are required to sign up through the TRAC Connect website, www.tracconnect.com (See "Getting Started".) 
  • If you have not already signed up, please do so now.

Since November 4, 2010


Highlights of Maersk Oakland Chassis Policy and Procedures:
  • Maersk Line no longer directly supplies chassis
  • Truckers need to establish a chassis interchange contract with "Direct ChassisLink Inc."  www.chassislink.com
  • All users will have access to chassis for use from a common pool of equipment - creating efficiency and convenience
  • For the use of the chassis, "Direct ChassisLink" will charge a daily fee. For carrier haulage moves, truckers will then invoice Maersk Line their cost.
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Evergreen, NYK, Hyundai and COSCO to Stop Providing Chassis in U.S.

Evergreen Line and NYK Line joined a growing list of carriers that are stopping providing chassis for import and export cargo in the United States.


Both carriers have started phasing out containers in parts of the East Coast and gradually will expand the program to the rest of the country.


Evergreen stopped providing chassis in Boston as of Aug. 15, 2010. 


NYK said it no longer provides chassis in Boston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Miami as of Aug. 1 for import and export bills of lading. It plans to extend the policy to Oakland and to other parts of the country as the program evolves.


Hyundai Merchant Marine also will stop providing chassis to transport containers in and out of U.S. ports.


Under the first phase of the change, it no longer provide chassis as of Nov. 1 at Worcester, Mass., Baltimore, Md., Philadelphia, Pa., Buffalo, N.Y., Harrisburg, Pa., and Miami, Fla.


HMM said it will expand the phase-out of chassis to the rest of the country this year.


On July 15th, 2010 COSCO Container Lines Americas, stopped providing chassis for Baltimore and Miami bills of lading both export and import.  


Changing U.S. Intermodal Chassis Operations
Over the past two years, a number of ocean carriers have announced plans or intentions to change the way they provide intermodal chassis. Thus, certain carriers have indicated they will limit or eliminate their role in providing chassis for inland transport. The changes in chassis provisioning practices will involve a number of revisions to existing operational arrangements by industry stakeholders. OCEMA is committed to working with carriers and other stakeholders to seek to ensure any transition occurs as smoothly as possible. (read more


OCEMA: Frequently Asked Questions 

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Summary of Ocean Carrier Announcements

OCEMA has put together a schedule of where and when the indicated ocean carriers intend to implement changes to their current chassis provisioning models. This information was compiled from public notices, press releases, tariff amendments, email, or some other form of public notice or customer bulletin by the ocean carriers.

The matrix is provided for information purposes only. OCEMA cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the schedule. The schedule does not represent a commitment by any OCEMA member to undertake any particular action. Note that carrier plans may change. For details as to a particular carrier's intentions, please contact the ocean carrier directly.


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