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Steelheader Meetings

Association Quarterly Board Meeting
10:00 a.m., November 19,
Knipe Reality Office
7420 SW Bridgeport Road, Suite 210, Portland
For More Info:
President Bill Kremers

Columbia River Chapter
General Meeting
6:30 p.m., November 9, Pied Piper Pizza, 12300 NE Fourth Plain Road in Vancouver.
Guest Speaker: Chapter Membership Director Michael Matthews and chapter member Wes McKenzie will present on Bead Fishing tips and techniques for salmon and steelhead.
For More Info:
President Don Hyde
Emerald Empire Chapter General Meeting
7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 1, Modular building beside Eugene Elks Lodge, 2470 W. 11th, Eugene.
Guest Speaker: Dean Hendricks of Northwest Flies and Lures will talk about fall coho fishing and overall salmon fishing.
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McLoughlin Chapter
General Meeting
7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 8, Denny's, 15815 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas.
Guest Speaker: ANWS Communication Director Aaron Bento will discuss the how we can communicate with members and the general public.
For More Info:
President Carol Clark

Mid-Valley Chapter General Meeting
7:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 2, Albany Senior Citizens' Center, 489 Water Avenue NW, Albany.
Guest Speaker: Scott Youngblood, Willamette River Greenway Park Ranger for the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department, will discuss recreational opportunities on the Upper Willamette River.  
For More Info:
President George Larson

7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 8, Chehalem Senior Center, 101 Foothills Drive, Newberg.
Guest Speaker: Nick Peel, the Reel Guide Service will discuss bobber fishing and back bouncing.
For More Info:
President Ty Campsey 503-705-8296
North Coast Chapter General Meeting
No November meeting! Plan for our mini steelhead clinic and annual holiday gift exchange--6:30, Tuesday, December 6, ODFW Tillamook Office, 4907 Third Street, Tillamook.
For More Info:
President Bill Hedlund
(503) 815-2737

Salem Chapter General Meeting
7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 15, City of Keizer Community Center (City Hall), 930 Chemawa Road NE, Keizer.
For More Info:
President Brian Winn
(623) 363-7387

Sandy River Chapter
General Meeting
7:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 2, Glenn Otto Park, 1208 Historic Col. River Hwy, Troutdale.
Guest Speakers: Chapter Pres. Steve Rothenbucher and member Jeff Stoeger will present on fishing with side planers.
For More Info:
President Steve Rothenbucher

Tom McCall Chapter General Meeting
11:30 a.m., Wednesday, November 16 at The Old Spaghetti Factory, 0715 SW Bancroft Street, Portland. 
Guest Speaker: ODFW Director Curt Melcher.
For more info:
John Laing
Tualatin Valley Chapter General Meeting
7:00 p.m ., Thursday, November 10  at the new location, Meriwether National Golf Course,
5200 SW Rood Bridge Road, Hillsboro.
Guest Speaker: Chris Vertopoulos.
Get there early at 6:00 p.m. for Tech Table to learn new fishing techniques!
For More Info:
President   Tim Lenihan

Access Denied

   Access to our fishing waters and public lands is something The Northwest Steelheaders take seriously.  So seriously in fact that we have a River Rights director, Art Israelson.  Art has traveled from Wallowa County to Lane County at his own expense to protect anglers access rights and to educate public officials, anglers and land owners on Oregon access laws.  As a Steelheader if you are ever in a dispute or confrontation over fishing access, please, do not escalate the situation, just gather the facts and give Art a call.  He will then advise you of your rights and the best course of action.  His service is free to all Steelheaders as part of your membership, but I am sure if you offer him a fishing trip he will not turn you down.

   While we been successful in helping anglers with fishing access, there is a disturbing tend to our fishing access we all need to be aware of. This trend is the large, powerful corporations and billionaires buying up large parcels of land, and then locking them up to any public access. In Idaho this year a pair of Texas billionaires purchased a very large parcel of land that had previously been open to the public for hunting and fishing. Their first action was to immediately close the property to any public activity. Several hunters who had prize elk and deer tags were suddenly left out in the cold, and all the state of Idaho could do was issue them general season tags.

   Here in Oregon we are now facing a familiar situation where anglers will lose 12½ miles of some of best summer and winter steelhead water in the state. Recently Weyerhaeuser corporation purchased the timber property above Moonshine Park on the Siletz River. They are planning to remove open access for the public to the area we know as the Siletz Gorge. Already they have installed new gates and in 2017 will limit access to the lower 3½ miles. The Siletz Gorge will be closed to the public above the 3½-mile bridge. In other  Weyerhaeuser holdings, they have chosen to limit access to those willing to pay an access fee. According to their website, it is between $400 and $500 for motorized access.

   The Steelheaders have a long history with the Siletz River. Not many people know this, but back in 1980 it was Steelheaders who represented sport anglers when we negotiated a treaty for fishing rights on the Siletz with the new recognized Siletz tribe.  Steelheaders have also completed several STEP projects in the Siletz Gorge, and we were involved in the removal of the Valsetz Dam, which opened up two miles of spawning water for coho and steelhead.

   Now the question becomes what can we do to keep this area  open to fishing. First, there is a petition being circulated that we can sign: 

   Secondly, we have to let our public officials know that fishing access is an important issue not just for us, but for future generations.  If we want access to private property like the Siletz Gorge we have to let corporations like Weyerhaeuser know that we are good stewards of the land and respect property rights. 

   We are hoping for a face to face meeting with Weyerhaeuser officials in the near future where we can explain why Sport Angler access is important and why open access is beneficial for everyone. Look here for further updates.

Bill Kremers
President,  Association of Northwest Steelheaders

Linn County Lawsuit Update

   ANWS has been working collaboratively with the Oregon Department of Forestry, county representatives, and timber interests to develop a State Forest management plan that would balance timber harvest, fish and wildlife habitat, and recreation.  The Linn County lawsuit against ODF has effectively ended the work.

   Linn County, in a class action lawsuit, is asking for over $4 billion in damages. They allege that by not managing State Forests for maximum timber revenues for the counties, the State has breached its purported contracts with each of the affected counties and other taxing districts.

   ANWS, Northwest Guides and Anglers, Wild Salmon Center, and Pacific Rivers Council sought to intervene on behalf of the State, fearing that a County win would change State Forest management to an industrial model, reducing riparian buffers and upslope recruitment of large woody debris, and essentially eliminating any possibility that State lands could contribute to recovery of endangered and threatened species such as coho salmon, spotted owls, and marbled murrelets.

   The case is before a Linn County judge and will most likely to go a Linn County jury. The judge ruled that ANWS and our allies are not entitled to intervene, as he believes it is strictly a breach of contract issue and we are not parties to the contract. The judge also declined the State's motion for summary judgement, and ruled that class certification could proceed. The case will probably to go a jury early next year.

   The judge has consistently agreed with Linn County's contention that this case seeks a monetary remedy for breach of contract, and is not aimed at changing forest management practices. We are convinced that, if the State loses, it will be forced to change practices. The State filed papers with the court that revealed that timber companies (Hampton Affiliates and Stimson Timber) and the timber lobbying group Oregon Forest Industries Council funded the initial payment for a lawyer, developed the strategy, and then went looking for a party to file the suit. 

   It is inconceivable that the timber industry would go to such expense and trouble and not expect a return in the form of increased harvests on State lands .

   The Steelheaders, along with our North Coast State Forest Coalition partners, will continue to represent you as our members and continue to fight on your behalf. Your membership and donations contribute to our ability to pay for legal costs to intervene legally.

to help offset these costs!

TV and CR Fish-Alongs
Keith Hyde captained a boat during the Columbia River Fish-Along.

    October 21-22, the Tualatin Valley Chapter hosted our Fall Fish-Along. We had about 40 people who attended, and fish were caught all three days. Although there weren't a lot of fish caught, several people caught their first fall salmon, creating unforgettable memories.

    October 8th, the Columbia River Chapter held a chapter/members Fall Fish-Along. Eight boats fished 24 chapter members for fall Chinook and coho on the Lewis River and mainstem Columbia River. The final count was 10 fish caught and kept with numerous others lost and/or missed. After the day of fishing, we held a BBQ at Horseshoe Lake Park in Woodland, where we shared stories of the day's fishing while enjoying burgers and dogs.     

Eggs to Fry Program in Local Schools

       The Steelheaders Eggs to Fry program places incubation tanks in classrooms so that students can watch the eggs develop and hatch into fry. This is a valuable education work that gets students excited about in STEM subjects and biology and connects them tou our local resources.
     Education Coordinator Molly Orr coordinates with ODFW to obtain eggs and with volunteers to bring the eggs to classrooms. When visiting the classes, Molly explains where the eggs come from, the kind of fish that live in local watersheds, how big the fish will get, and the environmental conditions the tank requires. During the incubation time, the students are the ones responsible, and monitor water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and ammonia levels. Once the fry are ready, the students will release them into streams.

to learn how your local school can be a part of this program!

Vote Yes On Ballot  Measure   99

    The future of fish and fishing is our responsibility today but will be our children's and their children's responsibility years from now.   Connecting kids to the outdoors is essential to the success of our natural resources.    If you've never seen healthy habitats, clean, cold water that salmonids need to thrive and lush old growth forests that shade these streams then how will you ever know what's gone wrong and how to fix it?

   That's precisely why The Association of Northwest Steelheaders proudly supports Oregon's ballot measure 99, and the funding of outdoor school education for 5th and 6th grade students.  For some it may be their first and only real contact with the outdoors.  The proceeds will be generated by lottery funds so there is no impact on your taxes.  The Steelheaders believe this is an important step forward for Oregon's fish and wildlife and we encourage our members support through a "yes" vote on November 8th.

Vote YES on 99!
Upcoming Events 

Sandy River Chapter & ODFW Steelhead 101 Workshop 
Saturday, November 5th, 8am Glenn Otto Community Park
Registration is closed, but Volunteers Needed! Help out and learn at the same time, plus participate in the Fish Along on Nov 19th.  Information Details See Larry Palmer, or Jim Cathcart (503) 287-9616 for Volunteer Details.

Annual Hall of Fame Banquet and Auction 
Saturday, November 12, Wilsonville Holiday Inn.

Sandy River Chapter, Steelhead Fish Along
Saturday November 19th, 8am Glenn Otto Community Park
For those participating in the Steelhead 101 Workshop and Members.
Fishing is from shore at various locations. Bring your own tackle, boots and rain gear.

Family Fish Camp
March  17th - 19th, Camp Angelos, Corbett OR
More details coming soon!

Hook, Line, and Sinker
Winter Steelhead Tournament benefiting Tillamook Basin Habitat
Saturday March 4th, Tillamook OR
More details coming soon!

Salmon Quest
April 1st
More details coming soon!

Watch this space for future events!
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