Step Up For Students: Success Stories
Volume 5 Issue: 8                                             March 2017
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How to Listen with Compassion in the Classroom

In classroom environments where the need to belong is thwarted, young people may grasp for power and prestige rather than learn how to form authentic connections. Students may try to fit in in negative ways like bullying, buying in to peer pressure, or conforming to negative stereotype, because, often they lack the necessary social-emotional skills to form healthy, supportive relationships -- which leads to a fear-based classroom atmosphere that impedes learning. Martha Caldwell, a teacher and teaching consultant, shares how we can intentionally design classroom communities that challenge this dynamic by teaching and modeling compassionate listening to "foster belonging, inclusion, and learning in the classroom." She lists practical tips in the form of seven principles to help cultivate compassionate listening skills -- applicable to children and adults alike.  { read more }

Venice Christian School
developed a wonderful recruiting video which they have posted on Facebook.  Principal Jerry Frimmel brought in parents, teachers and students to speak of the wonderful programs in the school. Take a look at the Venice Christian School Facebook page.
Courtney Sexton, Miss Florida has a REAL TALK for schools. Natasha Sherwood, administrator at Tampa Bay Christian School sent these pictures of Courtney's visit and her drug and alcohol presentation. Natasha says the students really responded to her talk and discussed it all day. 
Congratulations to the 2017 Rising Stars Award Recipients! This year we received more than 650 nominations from school administrators telling us why their parents, teachers and students deserved an award.  Those who received an award were honored because of their dedication to their schools, communities and academic excellence.  We were so proud to recognize these winners as our 2017 Rising Stars!

If you attended one of our nine Rising Stars events across the state, please take a moment to complete a short survey telling us your thoughts.  We look forward to honoring even more of our school communities next year! 

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reading - math- organization tips 

Dear Fellow Educators,

Spring is here! Celebrate it in your classroom with spring-related articles about topics ranging from the genetic makeup of butterflies to the source of a hummingbird's energy!

We hope you enjoy our FREE collection of:  K - 12 Articles for Spring

Happy teaching!

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With a curriculum full of projects stretching nine 
months, it isn't hard for classrooms to develop into 
environments resembling wastelands or tiny islands in organizational paradise. These 7 classroom hacks were gathered by Best Value with an idea in mind of keeping you and your students organized through the entire school year. 
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Sum Snacks is a fun and creative Count Out activity that will have your students counting along with new animal friends. Students will use place value and base ten skills to help their hungry pals, deepening their knowledge and application of whole number addition along the way.

Students will experience Sum Snacks as part of the fluency warm-up at the start of every digital lesson. You can log in to your teacher or administrator account to try out the three different Sum Snacks levels for yourself - fully concrete, labeling with concrete supports, and fully abstract

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