Step Up For Students: Success Stories
Volume 5 Issue: 2                                                  September 2016
Beware the C.A.V.E. Dwellers in Your School
I couldn't have said it any better, so I am passing along a BlogTalk Radio entry by Zane Safrit from September 1, 2009.  It hit me square between the eyes and I thought it might have the same effect on you.  
C.A.V.E Citizens Against Virtually Everything 
C.A.V.E. Dwellers. They dwell openly or in hiding within most organizations. These are the naysayers, the nattering nabobs of negativity**, the expert marksmen who shoot down every idea with a question or a doubt or a snark or sarcasm or poignant pause. They are expert in all the reasons things don't work, won't work, never will work. They rarely use that skill to see things that work, did work, and will work. Their perceived intelligence masks the walls and obstacles they build in their world... CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT TO DO

Mt. Sinai Junior Academy in Orlando created this using PowToon
Click the arrow to view
Mt. Sinai Junior Academy in Orlando created this using PowToon
Looking for a new way to communicate with your parents? Try creating a quick video to share important info! Check out the announcements video that Mt. Sinai Junior Academy in Orlando created using PowToon, a free tool that allows you to create animated presentations 
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Stephanie Ely, Learning Director at Zearn has three live sessions for you to choose from. Click the link to register for the free webinar:  

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Duck Duck Moose, an award-winning developer of children's learning apps, is now part of Khan Academy! All 21 of Duck Duck Moose's apps are FREE! 
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As Students Return to School, 
Debate About the Amount of Homework Rages
One teacher said that there would be "no formally assigned homework this year," and online discussions reveal a belief that the workload assigned may be too heavy.

Want to learn more about the 
Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLE)
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How to Print Report Cards
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How to Print  
Report Cards

**Webinars are recorded and can be accessed at For Schools and Providers ►Office of Student Learning ► Teaching and Learning Exchange ►Webinars
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