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You completed the Step it Up Holiday Edition challenge! Congratulations!

Take some time to tell us about your experience in our final survey. This will help us to plan future challenges.

Without further ado, here are the week five and grand prize winners:

Week Five Winners:
Theresa Jaramillo, an individual participant
Sharon Anderson, an individual participant
Diane Madsen, of team We R BIGHEADS (team ARI/DEB/GHS)
Todd McGregor, of team Cool Team Name
Lan Nguyen, of the Iron Maidens team
Debra Fry, of team $Billion$Budgeteers$
Gillian Hirst, of The Breast Team Ever
Sarah Goodwin, of the Boss Biollipticals team
Miranda Gardiner, an individual participant

And Grand Prize Winners are:
Individuals: Christine Windsor, Jocelyn Murgatroyd and JoAnn Florendo
Team: JEDIS , made up of members Christine VanDyke, Rachel Kanner, Elizabeth Bartelmez, Ashwini Parsana, Lourdes Ocbena, Michelle Stevens and Janice Woo.
Each grand prize winner will get a $75 gift card.

And while the top scorers don't earn prizes, we want to recognize those who earned the highest number of points:
Individuals: Miranda Gardiner (1st place), Sara Chan (2nd place), and Ed Swanson (3rd place)
Teams: HIMS - Parnassus (1st place), Iron Maidens (2nd place) and New Gen Steppers 2.0 (3rd place).

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Looking to keep up your healthy habits post-challenge?
  • UCSF Fitness & Recreations Centers are hosting Open Houses during the first week of January. Work out at the Parnassus and Mission Bay centers for free from January 1 to 7 and sign up for a membership with no enrollment fee. More here.
  • The UCSF Passport Discount Program has discounts for athletic apparel, gear, ski tickets, and much more. Sign up today to start saving!
We hope you have enjoyed this challenge. Have suggestions for next time? We'd love to hear from you! Fill out the survey, email us  , or post in our Chatter group.

Happy holidays!
-The Living Well Team

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