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You asked for a challenge focused on healthy eating habits, and we're delivering! Each week, we'll send an email highlighting one healthy eating topic, and tips and resources. Starting next week, these weekly emails will also include the previous week's prize winners.
Healthy Eating Focus:
This week, in honor of World Diabetes Day (which was Monday), we are encouraging you to watch and reduce your added sugar intake. The majority of Americans overconsume added sugar, which can lead to chronic illnesses such as heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and tooth decay. To learn more about the effects of added sugar, visit SugarScience.
Here are three simple ways you can reduce added sugar:
  • Rethink your drink - drink water, unsweetened tea and coffee instead of soda, fruit drinks, and sweetened coffee drinks and teas.
  • Become a sugar detective - learn the names for added sugar (there are over 60!) and avoid products with these in the ingredient list.
  • Cut down on packaged food - even savory items like crackers, bread and soup have hidden added sugar.
Learn more with these resources:
Good luck! We'll be back next Wednesday with our weekly challenge email (and the week one prize winners!) and a new healthy eating focus.

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