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Hello Step it Uppers!
We are over one week into the challenge, and we want to hear from you! How's it going? Have any tips or tricks that are helping you meet your goals? Tell us on Chatter or send us an email

Without further ado, here are the week one prize winners. Congrats to the winners, and to all - make sure you keep logging your points so you'll be eligible for prize drawings!

Week One Winners:
Katharina Schwan, of the Peds Crew team
Danielle Kilayko, of team Phase Onesies
Kathleen Perkins, of team Overloaded
Michael Wood, of team Thin Mints Make Us Thin, Right?
Madhabi Dandu, of the GHS EDU team
Rani Goel, individual participant
Ellyn Woo, of team Flab-U-Less
Stacy Kinkade-Erickson, of the Birth Center Babes team
Jennifer Dearman, Individual participant
Kari Augustyn, individual participant

Congratulations also to the  Recruitment Contest winner,  Carrie Brown

Healthy Eating Focus:
This week (and throughout the challenge), we're encouraging you to eat more fruits and veggies. This is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your overall diet. Here are some tips to help you up your intake:
  • Plan ahead. A little prep work goes a long way. Buy fruits and vegetables (at your local farmers' market, if you'd like) and take some time to wash and chop them. That way, you can reach for them for a snack, or get a head start on dinner prep. You can also stock canned and frozen fruits and vegetables to have available for times when you don't have fresh produce.
  • Include fruit and/or vegetables in every meal or snack. Half your plate should be fruit and veggies! Start your day with a veggie omelet or fruit and nuts on plain yogurt. Plan meals that star vegetables, and make the protein the accompaniment rather than the main.
  • Switch it up. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is important (eat the rainbow!). Every time you go grocery shopping, buy a fruit and/or vegetable you don't usually eat.
Learn more with these resources:
American Heart Association - Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Have a great Thanksgiving (and enjoy those veggie sides!). We'll be back next week with another healthy eating focus and the week two prize winners.  Until then,  log in to daily to enter your points! 
-The Living Well Team

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