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Hello Step it Uppers!

We are halfway through the challenge, and we hope it's going well! Read on for the Week Two gift card winners and this week's healthy eating focus.

Week Two Winners:
Karen Kemby, of team Sweat Analysis
Gabriel Phillips, an individual participant
Curtiss Castonguay, an individual participant
Sara Chan, an individual participant
Daphne Penaflor, of the UCSF Imaging team
Gato Gourley, of team Walk It Like It's Hot
Lila Modarresi, of the Phase Onesies team
Kathleen Hennessy, of team bURn It Up
Christina Rios, of team Walk It Like It's Hot
Danielle Stephens, of Terri's Team 6 (CANDO)

Congratulations to the winners, and to all - make sure you keep logging your points so you'll be eligible for prize drawings! As a reminder, the weekly prize winners are randomly drawn from the list of all participants who reached the 200 weekly points goal.

Healthy Eating Focus: Eat Mindfully
In our busy lives, it is hard to slow down and concentrate on eating. However, eating mindfully can lead to improved markers of metabolic health and fewer cravings. Check out

Mindful eating involves becoming more aware of the process of eating - from your hunger levels, to the taste, smell, textures and sight of the food, to the feelings you experience about food. Here are some ways to get started:
  • Cut the distractions. Many of us eat while checking email, working on a project, or watching TV. Use mealtime as a time to concentrate on your food and your companions, if you're eating with others.
  • Take note of your feelings. Before you eat, take a moment to notice what state you're in - are you feeling rushed or anxious, or do you feel calm and in control? Begin to make associations with these feelings and the foods you choose or crave.  How hungry are you? If you're not truly hungry, make a cup of tea or go for a walk rather than eat.
  • Slow down. For at least one meal a day, set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and use that time to truly focus on your meal and the act of eating - without distractions. Take small bites, and make sure you take the time to chew and taste your food.
Learn more with these resources:
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