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Hello Step it Uppers!

We are in the home stretch of the challenge - less than two weeks to go! Keep up the great work, and read on for the week three winners announcement and this week's healthy focus.

Week Three Winners:
Roshan Burns, of the New Gen Steppers 2.0 team
Hong Fan, an individual participant
Sandria Wong, of team UC Chicks
Mindy Stewart, of the Iron Maidens team
Meredith Donnelly, of team Cancer Center Carrot Crunchers
Miya Frick, an individual participant
Wili Solian, of team Triple Threat in Effect
Holly Warner, of the Hot Steppers team
Dakota Hare, of Clinical Lab Rocks! team
Breana Contreras, of team Overloaded

Congrats to the winners, and to all - make sure you keep logging your points so you'll be eligible for prize drawings!

Healthy Eating Focus: Celebrate without going overboard.
'Tis the season to celebrate, and we want to help you navigate this celebratory season in health. Here are some tips to make your office and personal gatherings and festivities a little healthier.
  • Contribute something healthy to a potluck or office celebration. This way, you know you'll have a healthy option that you like available. For office potlucks, suggest themes that encourage healthy options, like a salad or sandwich bar.
  • Don't skip meals in advance of parties. Instead, make sure you've eaten a balanced, healthy meal earlier in the day. This will allow you to make healthier choices.
  • Socialize. Focus on socializing rather than the food, and step away from the buffet table or appetizer trays while talking to others.
  • Indulge mindfully. You don't have to eat only vegetables and whole grains, but when you indulge, do some mindfully. Choose a treat that looks really good to you and savor a reasonably sized portion.
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