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Hello Step it Uppers!

The challenge is almost over and we hope you've enjoyed it. Take some time to tell us about your experience in our final survey. This will help us to plan future challenges.

Without further ado, here are the week 4 winners and this week's healthy focus area.

Week Four Winners - Congratulations!
Brad Urtz, of team Apex - Community Connect
Kyle Thorton, of the Rad to the Bone team
Malinda Walker, of the Breast Team Ever
Elizabeth Couch, of Terri's Team 6 (CANDO)
Susan Nguyen, of team Iron Maidens
Lyndi Fekete, of the MB Chemistry & BG Lab team
Ellen Owens, of the A-Team
Alyce Masuda, an individual participant
Jenifer Twiford, of team Iron Maidens
Esperanza Rico, of the HIMS - Parnassus team

Don't forget - there will still be opportunities to win prizes in the week five drawing and the grand prize drawing. Log your points by December 21 so you'll be eligibile for the final two prize drawings! 

Healthy Eating Focus: Maintain healthy habits with the healthy meal model.
We hope that this challenge has helped to encourage healthy eating habits. We encourage you to maintain these healthy habits into the new year and beyond.
Adopt the Healthy Eating Model. This model may look familiar, as it's very similar to MyPlate. The key takeaways are to:
  • Make most of your meal (half your plate) fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose lean or plant proteins like poultry, fish, beans and eggs for ¼ of your plate.
  • Make ¼ of your plate whole grains and limit refined grains.
  • Drink water, tea and coffee. Limit milk and juice and avoid sugary drinks. 
Here are other ways to sustain and encourage healthy eating habits:
  • Plan ahead. Shop for the ingredients for healthy meals and snacks and do some of the prep work ahead of time. When going to a restaurant, decide in advance what your healthy choice will be.
  • Find support. Choose a family member, friend or colleague and share your goal of eating well - and what you are specifically working on. Ask your support person to check in with you regularly.
  • Be portion-aware. Look at serving sizes for packaged foods (and measure out a serving), and order small plates in restaurants or share with a companion. 

The challenge ends on Friday, December 16th. You have until December 21st to enter your points at Keep an eye out for the winners announcement next week!
-The Living Well Team

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