Hello Beloved Friends,

I write this to you sitting in Amsterdam airport... waiting out a long layover due to snow. The news channel on the screen above me blares announcements about the anger over Trump's recent decision about Jerusalem and the terrible fires raging in California. It is not easy to be an American right now. While I was in Germany I was constantly reminded about the lousy reputation of the United States. It is clear to me that the rest of the world does not think very highly of us and President Trump's ego-driven behavior has only amplified this feeling. People I encountered during my time in Germany shared with me a strong reticence to travel to our country right now, wanting to wait until Trump is no longer in office. This has all ignited in me a strong desire to create change, but I am not yet clear on how it will take shape for me.
Reading has always been my favorite way to pass the time on long airplane flights and this trip I have been reading Ta-Nehisi Coates' book,  We Were Eight Years in Power . It is the third book that I have read of his and it has inspired me to explore what 'freedom' is in a country that was built on slavery. On a side-note, my sister Linda has become quite the genealogist, exploring the family trees of both our mother and our father. As it turns out, our mother's grandfather was a mulatto and his mother was a slave impregnated by his master. So, here I sit- a woman who has had some #metoo experiences and also has the DNA of a slave. In the contemplation of all of this, I feel more frustrated and uncomfortable with the injustices that we as woman and as people of 'other-than-white' face. 

In the past, it has been my desire not to discuss politics, but now I cannot stop myself. We must stand together and get involved! Elect more females into office and start balancing the legal and political system. Support heartfelt politicians. I am offering anyone who signs up to run for office a free consultation as a gift! It is always more fun to do things together, so host a poll-party to get people excited or take people to the polls to vote... there are many ways to get involved. Please join me in saying prayers for our world to transcend ignorant mindsets... if not for ourselves, then at least for future generations. Prayers have power and together we can change the world! We are all one. We are all from the great Mother. 

Now, on to more family matters. Each year as I prepare for my annual Celebration of the Elements retreat, I always wait for the Mother to give me guidance as to where it will be held and when it will happen. The message about my 2018 retreat came to me loud and clear- Sedona, Arizona.  I traveled to Sedona to look at the property and it is perfect! There are two houses, a pool, two hot tubs and incredible views of the famous red rocks. I feel Sedona is the right place to reconnect with the energy of the Earth and her elements. We will be connecting with the Native American energy, the vortexes, the crystals, the red rocks and intergalactic experiences. There will be hiking, swimming, dancing, meditation and Gyrokinesis with Barb Mullin. The Divine Mother energy will hold the space for us to explore our inner and outer worlds. Let's have some fun together and reconnect with Source energy! There are shared rooms and a few private rooms available. Also, if you have anything you would like to sell in our gift shop this year, please let us know. Below are the basic details: 
It is time to take the next step... step into your power!

Fall Equinox in the Red Rocks
September 21-27, 2018
Sedona, Arizona USA

Basic shared room/bath (may share with 2-3 others)
Couple or choose your roommate room/bath  *price per person
Private room/bath

A deposit of $1000 ($500 non-refundable) is due at time of registration to reserve your space, the balance will be due 6 weeks prior to the retreat. I f you are interested in joining us, email laura@laurabushnell.com

A $250 value!!!
May your holidays be bright because YOU make them bright. Remember the light. Utilize the light- I always advise golden light because it is more protective. See yourself inside of a star standing on our beautiful Earth with light pouring through all. I am always here for you if you need me.

God bless you all,

Laura Bushnell






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JANUARY 15-17, 2018

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