February 2016 - Issue 54
The basic principle of X-ray is well known today because of its use in the healthcare industry and  airport security. What is not so well known by many food production and quality professionals is what  X-ray can do to improve food safety compared to traditional metal detectors. Described in this newsletter are 10 compelling reasons to consider stepping up to the latest technology utilized in the Thermo Scientific NextGuard and Xpert X-ray inspection systems.
10 Reasons to Switch to X-ray Inspection
  1. Detect contaminants by "seeing through" metalized film or foil packages.
  2. Find small pieces of many types of metal; and other foreign object types.
  3. Set-up/test new products in minutes utilizing an intuitive, graphical interface.
  4. Don't worry about the compensation of difficult, changing product effects.
  5. Compact, complete design means installation is done in hours.
  6. Detailed production statistics and image storage are standard.
  7. X-ray systems are as safe to use as metal detectors.
  8. X-ray systems have a very attractive total cost of ownership.
  9. Perform other quality inspections for just the cost of optional software.
  10. No need to worry about metal-free zones, ground loops, vibrations or strange electromagnetic interference effects.
Click here to download the Ten Reasons to Step up from Metal Detection to X-ray Inspection white paper.
X-ray Inspection of Food Products
Over the past couple of decades, food processors increasingly have come to rely on X-ray inspection  equipment to detect physical contaminants during production. This is not surprising because X-ray
inspection equipment has become more sensitive, more affordable and more reliable. X-ray systems  can also be very intuitive and easy to use.
Still, some food manufacturers have lingering worries about the safety of X-ray technology - both for  those operating the equipment and the food products the machines inspect.
Thermo Scientific Xpert X-Ray Inspection System Overview
The bottom line: X-ray inspection of packaged and bulk food product is proven to be extremely safe.  There is no documented evidence of adverse health effects of X-rays on equipment operators, the food  products that travel through the equipment and ultimately the consumer of those products.
Click here to download the X-ray Inspection of Food Products: The Safety Facts You Need to Know white paper.
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