Steph Curry and Polychem? Really?!? 
What do record breaking basketball phenomenon Steph Curry and Polychem have in common?

2 NBA championships? Nope. 2 NBA Most Valuable Player awards? Nope.
Are they both hard working point guards? Maybe - Polychem works hard to guard, protect and decorate the surfaces it's applied to, and Steph Curry, well you know how successful he is!
So what?
Check out this gorgeous, golden, custom fabricated gold bar themed box! It was used at an NBA event to launch a certain line of shoes that helped propel the man himself to his second NBA Championship win.

Polychem Gold Topper was chosen as the perfect shade to help encase and launch this exciting line of shoes.

If you would like to order any custom color from Polychem in flexible quantities just like Stephs fancy shoe box simply call 940.665.8892 or hit the button below...
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