June, 2017 - In This Issue:
Important Date Reminders:
Fall 2017/2018 Registration: Starts Monday, June 5th 2017  
Dress Rehearsal / Picture Day:  Thursday, June 8th 2017
Recital Day:  Sunday, June 11th 2017
Last Week of Classes: Monday, June 12th - Friday, June 16th 2017
Happy Father's Day:  Sunday, June 18th 2017
First Day of SUMMER!: Wednesday, June 21st 2017 


Summer is Just Around the Corner!!

Here are some of the camps Sterling Dance is offering this Summer. Stop by the front desk to grab a program with details!

Dance Camp (Ages 6+): June 26th-30th 9am-3pm
Dance Daze (Ages 3-6): July 17th-19th & July 31st - Aug 2nd 9am-12pm
Fall Registration 

Fall 2017/2018 Registration Starts Monday, June 5th 2017!

Tap/Tumble EA
(Age 3-5)
Ballet/Tumble H
(Ages 3-5)
 Jazz Aerials I D
(Ages 6-9)
Ballet/Tumble EA
(Ages 3-5)
Ballet/Jazz H
(Ages 5-8)
Contemporary/Jazz D
Ballet/Tap/Jazz H
(Ages 5-8) 4-5:30pm
Acro I ER
Team I D
Ballet I H
(Ages 5-8)
Acro II ER
(Ages 9+)
Ballet II H
(Ages 9-12) 6:30-7:30
Ballet III H
Team I H
Team II H
Mini Team D
(Ages 6-8)
Ballet/Tumble D
(Ages 3-5)
Ballet/Tumble ER
(Ages 2.5-4)
Hip Hop Aerials D
(Ages 7-11)
Ballet/Tumble EA
(Ages 3-5)
Ballet/Tap/Tumble ER
(Ages 6-8)
Ballet/Pointe KB
(Ages 12+)
Ballet/Jazz/Tumble EA
(Ages 6-9)
Acro I ER
(Ages 6-9)
Team II D
Musical Theatre EA
(Ages 10+)
Hip Hop III D
(Ages 12+)

The 2017/2018 Dance Fall schedule is posted on our website 
We will also be handing out class recommendation forms to students within this  week, so please keep an eye out. And if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask Miss Heather or Miss Danielle.

Dress Rehearsal & Recital Info!

This is the big week we've been waiting for all year!!!

Now is a good time to pull out those Recital packets with all the information needed for the day of dress rehearsal and Recital. Each student also received a handout with their costumes with details regarding hair and makeup. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding it. 

Sterling Academy of Dance
"Broadway Bound"
Recital Date: Sunday, June 11th 1pm
Dress Rehearsal/Picture Day: Thursday, June 8th 4-8pm. Specific times will be assigned.
Where: Fitchburg State University Weston Auditorium
Why is Dress Rehearsal important?
Dress rehearsal is critical for a few reasons. Dancers get the opportunity to space and block their dances on stage. This helps their comfort level and also allows the dancers to feel really well prepared.  It is important for the preschoolers to try their dance a few times at dress rehearsal.  The stage can be really overwhelming to our little ones and we love to encourage them and help them at dress rehearsal. We will also be running the Special Opening Number, and Finale.  We also hold Picture Day at Dress Rehearsal.  This means that the dancers go right off stage, and over to take pictures.  It is a really convenient process.
Ticket Sales and Process: Ticket cost is $12 for Adults and $10 for Children under 12 and Seniors 65+. Tickets are available at the front desk starting May 1st. Tickets are also available up until show time and will be sold at the door for $15/Adults and $12/children & seniors.  Seats are unassigned.
Costumes: Dancers should arrive at Dress Rehearsal and the Recital in full costume hair and make-up. Further costume details may be found on the "Costume Info" page attached.
Picture Day: Once dancers are done rehearsing onstage, they will head to the entry foyer to have their pictures taken.  Those pictures will be available for you to view and purchase that day.

Dress Rehearsal/Picture Day Schedule

Listed below are assigned times for each group on the day of dress rehearsal. Dancers will go onstage, perform their dance and rehearse the Finale dance and then go directly back to the picture taking area.  You will be able to view and purchase pictures right there.
The following classes will arrive in this time slot:
Monday Ballet/Tumble 4pm "Lion King"
Tuesday Ballet/Tumble 4pm "Broadway Baby"
Friday Ballet/Tumble 9:30am "The Little Mermaid"
Friday Ballet/Tumble 4pm "Getting to Know You"
The following classes will arrive in this time slot:
Tuesday Ballet II 5pm "Edelweiss"
Wednesday Hip Hop Aerials 4pm "I've Got Rhythm"
Thursday Hip Hop Aerials 4pm "Popular'
Friday Musical Theatre 5pm "Hard Knock Life"
The following classes will arrive in this time slot:
All competition team classes/ All Soloists
Martial Arts Demo
Monday Ballet III 5pm "Phantom of the Opera"
Wednesday Tap II "We are in the Money"
Thursday Contemporary 5pm "Falling Slowly"
Wednesday Hip Hop III 8pm "Broadway to the Bronx"
Wednesday Jazz II 5pm "Evil Woman
**Picture packages range in cost from $20.00 and up. All methods of payment are accepted.

Recital Day Timeline
Arrival Time and Check In: Dancers need to arrive at 12noon and check in at the desk in the foyer. 
Dancers 6+ can go backstage to start dancers warm up. Preschool dancers in the first half will be called backstage 10 minutes prior to the start of the show.
Students are checked in at early arrival time. Dancers in Opening Number and the first half of the show need to go backstage upon arrival.
Once preschoolers are finished dancing they will be brought to the side door and retrieved by their parents. All other dancers in the first half will remain backstage until intermission.
Dancers in the second half of the show should come backstage during intermission. Preschoolers may also go backstage at this time. Once preschoolers in this half are finished dancing they may go back with their parents. If their dance is within 3 dances of the finale we will ask to keep them backstage.
During the show please listen for an announcement calling all dancers backstage for finale.  The finale is a routine our dancers perform at the end of the show.  All dancers perform in finale. This includes preschool dancers as well.  Once dancers have finished, we will begin handing out medals.  After the medals are handed out dancers may be picked up at the front of the stage.

Recital Order:

1.     "On Broadway"(Team I/II & Teachers)

2.     "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" (Monday 4pm)

3.     "Up on the Roof" (Regan Bodak)

4.     "Popular" (Thursday 4pm)

5.      "I've Got Rhythm" (Wednesday 4pm)

6.      "Hands" (Team I)

7.      "Phantom of the Opera" (Monday 5pm )

8.      "Part of Your World" (Friday 9:30am)

9.     "We're in the Money" (Wednesday 7pm)

10.   "Broadway Baby" (Tuesday 4pm)

11.   "Falling Slowly" (Thursday 5pm)

12.   Martial Arts Demo

13.   "Broadway to the Bronx" (Wednesday 8pm)
14.   "Sunshine on My Shoulder" (Hannah Castrataro) 

15.   "Getting to Know You" (Friday 4pm)

16.   "Edelweiss" (Tuesday 5pm)

17.   "Hey Na Na" (Trio)

18.  "Hard Knock Life" (Friday 5pm)

19.  "Puttin' on the Ritz" (Isabel Sonia)


20.  "Evil Woman" (Wednesday 5pm)

21.   "School of Rock" (Team II)


Best of luck to all of our students!!

We couldn't be more proud  of our dancers! They have been working so hard to improve their skills and have learned so much this year! We are so excited to see everyone have fun and shine on stage! 

Sterling Dance

Miss Heather & Miss Danielle
978-422-7655 ext: 312 or 303