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Issue #556
March 11, 2018
Dear Friends,
If you're looking for the end of the rainbow, it's here at Stick Boy. We've got a cauldron (or pastry case) full of yummy treats.

Lucky Cookies:    It's our famous sugar cookie! They are hand rolled and cut out in the shape of a four leaf clover, iced with royal icing and sprinkled with green for pure luck. We'll be eatin' them!!!  Available until 3/17. $2.49/ea CTCT-20180310_090033

Grasshopper Pie: Chocolate Chess Pie with a minty chocolate cookie crust. Finished with Italian meringue around the edge and drizzled with a minty white chocolate. Available month of March.  $18.99

Almond Joy Cake: Two layers of  almond   cake  brushed with coconut cream, and it's filled with a layer of ganache, whipped cream, toasted coconut and toasted  almond . Finished with fresh whipped cream, toasted coconut, toasted almonds and drizzled with ganache. Perfect in every way. Available month of March.  $29.99

Irish Cream Stout Cake: Three 8" layers of rich chocolate stout cake made with locally brewed  Booneshine Professor Stout beer. It's filled with Irish cream cream cheese buttercream (that's a lot of cream!), sprinkled with chocolate shavings and delicately wrapped in cellophane for a 'naked' look.  Available month of March. $29.99 

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake with Black Bottom Pretzel Crust:    Our cheesecake with a swirl of chocolate torte on a layer of chocolate covering a salted pretzel crust. It's finished with a layer of strawberry coulis. So tasty!  Available month of March.  $27.99.

CTCT-20180309_105536 Irish Cream Latte & Minty Mocha: Rich espresso and milk latte flavored with either Irish Cream or Chocolate and Mint. Be in the Irish spirit!  Prices vary with size

Shamrock Shake: Ice cream and Creme de Menthe blended to make a minty goodness shake.  $4.69

CTCT-20180309_105513 Spring Green Smoothie:  Jump into Spring with this delicious and healthy smoothie made with orange juice, spinach, mango, peach and banana. $4.69

From the Kitchen
Ready for a new twist on a traditional Irish stew? Stick Boy Kitchen employee, Firmin, created this Hearty Irish Stew. It's made with c orned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes, and seasoned with Booneshine beer and stone ground mustard in a rich beef broth. It's all simmered together for hours, and we serve this hearty soup with two buttermilk corn muffins. Come in this week to get a belly full of goodness.

Hearty Irish Soup is available for $4.49/cup, $5.89/bowl and $9.79/quart. See the coupon for savings.
Monday - Saturday: 
7am - 8pm
Closed Sunday
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Bread of the Week
Although history indicates that Native Americans were the first to use soda to leaven their breads, the Irish adopted the method and created what's known today as Irish Soda Bread. It's described in an Irish newspaper in County Down (1836) as "there is no bread to be had equal to it for invigorating the body, promoting digestion, strengthening the stomach, and improving the state of the bowels." Well, I'm not sure how to follow that statement, but I think it's worth it to give our Irish Soda Breads a try this week for great flavor and simply for tradition.

Stick Boy makes Irish Soda breads with bread flour, buttermilk and baking soda, and we have two great flavors: Raisin Caraway is $4.79, and Speckled (chocolate mixed in to give a "speckled" look) is $5.79. The following is our baking schedule:
  • M - Raisin Caraway
  • T - Speckled
  • W - Raisin Caraway
  • Th - Speckled
  • F - Both Flavors
  • S - Both Flavors

Interested in history? Go to this website for everything you need to know about Irish Soda Breads.
*This will be the last week for Celtic Sea Salt, and next week be on the lookout for amazing flavored Brioche breads.
As always, we mix our breads from scratch, shape them by hand, and bake them in our big German oven, right here in our bakery on Hardin Street. We bake only with unbleached and unbromated flour and never use any additives or preservatives. Come and taste.
Featured Product
CORN MUFFIN with Cheddar, Chorizo, Jalapeno & Scallion
CTCT-20180309_132145 We've decided to go savory, and we've had great feedback from you about our new Corn Muffin. This is a made from scratch corn muffin enriched with flavor from cheddar cheese, chorizo sausage, fresh jalapeno and chopped scallion. This delicious muffin is perfect for those of you who enjoy a savory treat for breakfast, or it's great as an afternoon snack. Take it home to go next to your chili for dinner. We love it all the time!

The Corn Muffin is available for $2.59, but see the coupon below for savings.
Monday - Friday: 
7am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 7am - 5:30pm
Closed Sunday  
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Thanks for tuning in to Stick Boy News.  Call ahead (268-9900 - bakery, 265-4141 - kitchen) to reserve your order and we'll have it packaged up and ready to go for you.  We'll catch you next time with more stuff from Stick Boy.


Abby Willis
Stick Boy Bread Co.
*Kitchen location only.
Print this coupon or mention it at the counter to
save $1 on a quart of Hearty Irish Stew. Forward it to a friend so they can get great savings too. That's what we're all about!

*Bakery location only.
Print this coupon or mention it at the counter to
save $.75 on a Corn Muffin. Forward it to a friend so they can get great savings too. That's what we're all about!