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Stone Crab Season To Help Rebuild Florida
We're expecting our first shipment of Stone Crab Claws soon, and we couldn't be more excited about it! Crabbers dropped their traps on Oct. 5, and by Oct. 15 they'll be pulling them out and checking out their catch. After the beating and battering from hurricanes and storms, the state of Florida could use a strong season for Stone Crab Claws (which bring in an estimated $35 million to the Florida Keys every year). With rebuilding under way, one can only hope that the sea gods will be generous and sales will contribute to the health, safety, and security of Florida areas that were hit the most. It's too early to tell right now how the season will fare, but we will keep you updated. Storms tend to stir things up in the waters, and could have been beneficial for the season (fingers crossed!)

Seasons In, Seasons Out
We sure are excited over the Florida Stone Crab season opening, especially considering the Soft Shell Crab season has ended.  Wild Salmon Season is closing as well, speak with your sales agent as we may have one more shot of Wild Alaska Coho Salmon coming in.  The Pacific Halibut season is also about to close in November, and we're here to keep you ahead of the curve.  We're already bringing in Nova Scotia Halibut ranging from 10-50 lb fish to 50-85 lb fish.  South of the border, the Venezuelan Crabmeat season is scheduled to open again on October 15th.  This fishery goes on conservation during the summer to keep stocks healthy.  Stay updated with your rep for our first shipment welcoming this delicious Crabmeat back.

Your Fish this Week
As the Grand Banks Swordfish season is beginning to wind down, we'll be bringing in a 500 lb plus Swordfish caught in Emerald Basin.  This area off the Nova Scotia coast is nutrient filled and serves a feeding ground for some of the fattest Swordfish this time of year.  Fishermen expect to get maybe one more trip out for the season, so keep an eye out for specials before the fish migrate south.  American Red Snapper were unavailable all week as fishermen were delayed to getting out to sea after the past several hurricanes.  They are slowly making their way off the Florida coast and we expect a small amount in early in the week.  Wild Striped Bass season just closed in Rhode Island, however, we received the last big catch of pristine, trap caught Stripers.  While Fluke season in New Jersey recently closed and supplies are beginning to tighten up a bit, we have excellent Fluke caught off North Carolina as well as Rhode Island.  There are still availability issues with fresh, dirty Squid as catch is limited and they are being caught far off the coast, however we are bringing in what is available.  Bluefish availability is also a bit decreased as fish are starting to scatter.  If you  want something dayboat fresh, order some Black Sea Bass caught off the New Jersey coast and landed in areas such as Point Pleasant.  

Here a Sample, There a Sample! 
We have some mighty delicious samples available this week at Samuels. Give our Aji, also known as Horse Mackerel, a try! It's perfect for sashimi applications, and we get it from Portugal. Other samples include Baccala loins. They're desalted and boneless, and all you have to do is rinse them, dry them, and then they're ready to cook. Typically found in traditional holiday dishes, the Baccala loins are pre-portioned and easy to use (great for tapas) and they're from Spain. Lastly, we have wild Huckleberries from northwestern states like Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Huckleberries are especially good in desserts of all kinds, as well as jams, cocktails, purees, and sauces. They also pair well with pork, lamb, duck, salads, and more. Their taste ranges from tart to sweet and their color varies as well - some are bright red while others are purple or blue. Reach out to your Samuels rep for more information about these items available for sampling this week!

Like Them Apples?
We're expecting first of the season Mountain Rose Apples shortly...stay tuned.

Christmas in October?  Florida Stone Crab Season Begins on the 15th 
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