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Dear Topangans and Other Caring People;

Please click on the below link and sign the petition to block the colossal new mega cell tower to be constructed at the Topanga post office!  Please pass it on to your friends and others who live in Topanga and elsewhere.  We need all the help we can get!
This mega cell tower comes as a rider on the power line burying project.  A minimum height 77 foot cell tower is to be constructed at the post office. This tower will be beaming carcinogenic radiation 24/7, 360 degrees that can stretch as far as one mile or more, as opposed to the current cell towers on Topanga Cyn. Blvd. which are aimed just at the Blvd., not up into residential neighborhoods. Immediately following the construction of this mega cell tower, other connecting cell towers around the canyon will be installed such as at the Fernwood/Valley View location to "talk" to the mega cell tower.  Cell tower radiation is known to cause cancer, birth defects, neurological illness such as pre-mature Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and other illnesses, the least of which is constant headache and loss of energy.

This project also does not take into account the extreme deleterious impact it will have on the businesses at Pine Tree Circle, the fact that we are in a recession and some of these businesses are still trying to recover from the construction of the library, which was actually LESS impact-ful than this currently planned project will be on both businesses and TRAFFIC.


Also not advertized is that Topangans will have to pay out of pocket for this project in embedded fees in their already high electricity bills.


This cell tower will be an enormous eye soar, detracting from the natural beauty that Topanga is known for.


And finally, property values plummet anywhere from 20% - 40 % when a mega cell tower such as the one proposed is installed because savvy buyers are aware of the health effects.


While other countries are beginning to take steps to reduce cell tower exposure to their citizens, LA County is opting to give Topanga businesses and residences more of it.  Please see the below studies and articles on cell tower radiation: 


Studies show 350% INCREASE IN CANCER when people live or work within 1500 feet of a cell tower for an average period of 5 years: 


Ironically, T Mobile, who told us how safe cell towers are at the recent meeting, did their own study on this radiation, the results of which were cancer, birth defects and other illnesses. It was kept in the German language until a group of residents who all got cancer from a T mobile cell tower in their village had it translated into English. Here it is...


T Mobile Study Shows Cancer and Other Illnesses From Cell Towers: 


Also, the WHO - World Health Organization has spoken on this issue. Contrary to what T Mobile would like you to believe, the verdict is cancer from ANY radiation emitting wireless infrastructure or device, not just cell phones 


And here is an excerpt from a letter from the lead scientist of the WHO, Dr. Robert Baan who specifically includes cell towers in the WHO cancer verdict

, not just cell phones as the industry would like you to believe. 


Here are a group of Residents from India who after contracting terminal brain cancer from the cell towers in their community, got the laws changed in India and the towers removed...only it is sadly too late for them... 


Taiwan, a city in China, removed 1500 cell towers due to the cancer and other health related issues from cell towers... 


Here are the highlights from a Swisscom study that shows cancer, genetic defects (birth defects) and a wide range of other health effects from cell tower radiation. The reason Swisscom published this report is they were applying for patents to REDUCE HARMFUL RADIATION FROM CELL TOWERS!! Otherwise they would never let these reports see the light of day. 


Here is the full Swisscom report. 


Please sign the petition and pass it on!  THANK YOU!