Stop Losing Your Customer's Trust!

Customers Don't Like April Fools Jokes!
It’s been said many times that prospects must feel they can trust you before they will buy from you. 

But what does “trust” really mean and how can you get it?  It’s simple.

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Management Matters - When Management Does More Harm Than Good
Are you one of those managers that does more harm than good? You might be.

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Career Connections - Punctuality Goes Beyond Just Being On Time for the Job Interview!
When you are job hunting, punctuality goes beyond just arriving 10 minutes before your interview. Being on time also means being punctual with your online and telephone communications as well.

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Channel Chat - Considering Independent Sales Agents? Do it Right from the Start!
In many industries independent sales agents make good business sense. However before you run your "We're Hiring" ad, you need to understand that a successful sales agent program requires a partnership between you and the agents you choose.

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Webinar Wednesdays - How to Build Trust into Your Sales Process

Many sales people continue to lose sales because they never made the conscious effort in the sales process to build trust. 

Join me on April 19 for quick and easy ideas that will help you build trust and credibility with your prospects so that you close more business faster!

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Remember as the old saying goes, "Trust is like a vase. Once it's broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be same again."

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