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28th August 2013: 


WILLIAM: Please keep calling and emailing Ethiopian Airlines about gay Cameroonian William whose flight is on Sunday 1st September at 9pm (not 9am as previously stated).

URGENT ACTION - New threat to deport Gambian lesbian Mariama N. on Tuesday 3rd September


Mariama Must Stay - Stop deporting LGBT refugees to renewed persecution


Mariama N, a lesbian from the Gambia, faces a new threat of deportation after she has twice stopped attempts to send her back to anti-gay persecution. 


On 24 July Mariama stood her ground, refused to get on the Royal Air Maroc plane at Heathrow, resisted all the threats of the guards, challenged them on the policy and injustice they were implementing, and rejected their warnings of what would happen to her 'next time'. Another flight on 13 August was cancelled. Now Mariama has been given 'removal directions' for Tuesday 3 September, 9.15am on Monarch Airlines flight ZB5394 from Gatwick.

Mariama is part of the Movement for Justice group at Yarl's Wood detention centre and was one of women who petitioned the Home Affairs Select Committee in June, demanding that it visit Yarl's Wood and hear from them as part of its inquiry into the asylum system. If she is returned to the Gambia she faces certain persecution and the likelihood of rape, forced marriage, torture and imprisonment. 


Gambia's President told the country's parliament in March this year that...

"Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization.  
Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia. If we catch you, you will regret why you are born. I have buffalos from South Africa and Brazil and they never date each other. We are ready to eat grass but we will not compromise on this. Allowing homosexuality means allowing satanic rights. We will not allow gays here."


Please take action to call on Monarch Airlines to refuse the flight - Tell them not to collude in sending Mariama back to persecution:

Call centre:  0871 940 5040 (open at weekends) 

Holiday centre:  0871 423 8568  (open at weekends) 

Monarch chartered flights dept is 08712 252 555

The Monarch Group Head Office: 0871 2250 250 






Fill in Web Contact Form


 Email their press office:


 Chairman is Ian Rawlinson

Managing Director is Kevin George


 Phone/Email the Home Office: 

Quote Home Office references: Mariama S1447771/002

There is no justification in returning someone whose life is at stake, on the flimsy claim that they didn't do enough to 'prove' they are gay in Home Office eyes.  


Home Secretary Theresa May:  Fax: 020 7219 1145

Immigration Minister:


And copy to the following Home Office & UKBA addresses:;;;

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We march today, we march tomorrow, and we keep marching to build a new Britain: diverse, integrated and equal. We aim to win. We tell the truth about racism, sexism and anti-gay bigotry and the growing inequalities within our society. We believe that every human being is entitled to a job, to education, to food, shelter and the other necessities of life, so that every one of us can live in dignity, proud to be who we are, encouraged and able to fulfill our hopes and aspirations.


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