Join  the TARA Team and help us disseminate compassion & hope for BPD
 TARA Strategic Planning Meeting
Volunteers Invited
Thursday April 20, 2017 at 7  PM
at TARA Office
or join us through the web
1.        TARA Manual:   Report on plans and progress 
The goal of development of the  TARA manual  is to provide a vehicle for further disseminating this proven approach to more family members across the country (volunteers are needed to assist).Our goal is to help the pwerson with BPD thereby helping ourselves.
Discuss efforts to develop proposals  for crowdsourcing such as via "GoFundMe" as well as other means
1.  fundraising event, to support TARA manual preparation and other efforts. supplement activities such as the manual,
2. website, and more involvement in social media, i
3. capture videos of TARA classes and speakers.
4. Development of a  conference fund to provide scholarships for attendees and participants in professional conferences to increase awareness of BPD and the specific problems generally overlooked by researchers.
3.        New TARA4BPD Agenda
Discussion of other areas requiring future attention . As we can proceed with the above, we would like to devote more attention to advancing research by holding mini cross discipline meetings to improve communication between families and people with BPD and the research/ treatment community.
4.        TARA4BPD Advocacy
Generate ideas and next steps . We need additional plans and involvement to actualize this program and improved BPD treatment.

                  Ideas and Volunteers  welcome
 Interested in being on TARA Board, let us know

Please RSVP to Valerie at 212-966-6514    212-966-6514