Companies around the world are responding to government, investor, and consumer pressures, by implementing GHG management plans. But there are many challenges in creating and implementing these plans, including identifying a strong business case, ensuring GHG inventories are accurate and credible, and understanding how to craft a plan which keeps pace with your competition. In this three-part webinar series, SCS's Tobias Schultz will address these challenges and provide sustainability professionals with strategies for effective corporate GHG management planning that yield both business and environmental value.  

Session 1:  How to Generate Business Value from Corporate GHG Management
February 1 @ 10 am PST (60 minutes) 

Companies can derive business value from GHG management strategies in many ways, including marketing campaigns, investor recognition, and even through creating extra revenue. Attendees will learn some of the most common ways businesses derive value from GHG management and what steps they can take to maximize the business value of their own GHG management planning.

Session 2:  Are Scope 3 GHG Inventories for Purchased Goods & Services Credible?
February 8 @ 10 am PST (60 minutes)  

Many companies avoid reporting Scope 3 emissions associated with Purchased Goods and Services (PG&S) because of questions about the accuracy of assessment of this Scope 3 category. SCS will discuss accuracy issues associated with using EIO databases to evaluate this category, and present a more accurate and replicable way to evaluate these "supply chain" GHGs. SCS will present case studies and demonstrate use of its spreadsheet-based GHG evaluation tools. 

Session 3:  Steps to Keep Pace with (and Go Beyond) your Competition's GHG Management Planning
February 15 @ 10 am PST (60 minutes)  

Keeping pace with the GHG management of your competitors is crucial to maintaining market positioning and positive brand recognition. SCS will discuss how to evaluate your competitors' GHG management plans and how to craft a plan that keeps pace and even exceeds your competitors' achievements. SCS will also present case studies of companies that are on the leading edge of climate action. 

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Holly Capell
Corporate Sustainability Associate

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