STRIKER 2014 Now Available!                                                                                Section_1

Striker Systems is pleased to announce the availability of STRIKER CAD/CAM Release 2014.1. Driven by customer feedback, this much anticipated release introduces an abundance of productivity improving features. For instance, Release 2014 provides interactive "bump" nesting allowing parts to be positioned on a sheet while maintaining consistent part-to-part spacing and margins around the sheet. In SS-Punch tooled parts can now manipulated (moved, copied, rotated) without having to window select all of the tooling associated with the part. SS-Profile now includes Auto Part Labeling, providing automatic placement and etching of part numbers and other desired part information. For a complete list of new features and feature enhancements please visit the following link.

Click to view STRIKER CAD/CAM 2014 Features

For FAB Professional (AutoCAD add-in) users, an updated FAB Professional (Release 2014.1) is also being made available with these latest features. If you are a member of the Technology Assurance Program, you will receive your STRIKER CAD/CAM or FAB Professional software upgrade in the coming weeks. If you are not a Technology Assurance Program member and you would like to discuss your upgrade options please contact Karen Harper at 800-950-7862 ext. 203 or KarenH@StrikerSystems.com. 

Get Productive - Upgrade Promotional Campaign                               Section_2

We realize that many of our customers are content with a previous release of Striker Systems software. After all, it delivers the functionality that you initially invested in. However, there comes a time when operating with older software can begin to adversely impact productivity. Perhaps you're maintaining a computer with an obsolete operating system just to keep your older software running, or maybe you're receiving drawings from customers that you can't open because your software doesn't support the newer drawing file format. And the biggest consideration of all could be that you're missing out on new and improved features that can enhance your productivity.


So if you are using an older release of Striker Systems software and upgrading is a consideration, you'll definitely want to take advantage of Striker's newest Get Productive - Upgrade Campaign. With the Get Productive - Upgrade Campaign you can upgrade your existing Striker Systems software to the newest Release 2014 at a significant discount with the purchase of a Technology Assurance Program membership. Select the link below for full details on the Get Productive - Upgrade Campaign, and please note this is a LIMITED TIME campaign with the greatest savings BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2013. 

Click to view "Get Productive-Update Campaign" Details


Join us in Las Vegas for Autodesk University 2013                                   Section_4

Click to visit Autodesk University 2013 webpage

Striker Systems invites you to join us in Las Vegas for Autodesk University 2013 this coming Tuesday, December 3rd through Thursday, December 5th. We'll be located in Booth 152. On display will be the latest releases of all Striker Systems software including the much anticipated STRIKER CAD/CAM 2014. Whether you're on the latest release of Striker Systems software or your product is a few releases old, you'll definitely want to take this opportunity to see what's coming from Striker Systems! For additional information about Autodesk University 2013 visit http://au.autodesk.com/.

Striker Schedule & Announcements                                                       Section_5

A.) Productivity Training Schedule


As a reminder, one of the advantages of maintaining a Technology Assurance Program membership is that you get to take advantage of our FREE Productivity Training in our White House, TN (Nashville area) training facility. Productivity Training is a best practices training session designed for existing Striker Systems software users wanting to improve productivity. If you would like to participate in a Productivity Training, please contact Nancy Vandewalker at 800-950-7862 ext. 206 or NancyV@StrikerSystems.com to reserve your seat.


  • Dec 12: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • Dec 13: SS-Profile / SS-Nest
  • Jan 16: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • Jan 17: SS-Profile / SS-Nest
  • Feb 13: SS-Punch / SS-Nest
  • Feb 14: SS-Profile / SS-Nest




B.) 2013 Holiday Schedule


Through this upcoming holiday season, Striker Systems will maintain the following schedule:


  • Nov 28 - 29:          Office Closed (all departments)
  • Dec 24 - 25:          Office Closed (all departments)
  • Dec 26:                 Sales Open / Customer Service Closed
  • Dec 27, 30 - 31:    Office Open **
  • Jan 1:                    Office Closed (all departments)


** Help Desk response times may be delayed during this period.

C.) Striker Systems Expands Staff


Striker Systems is pleased to announce the addition of the following new team members...


Ken Bible, Training and Technical Support Specialist - Ken will be responsible for all aspects of STRIKER CAD/CAM and Nesting software implementation including system configuration and customer training. More info...


Jim Pulokas, Software Engineer - Jim will work with Striker's current product development staff to reduce the time to market for new software features. Jim will be responsible for the advancement of STRIKER CAD/CAM and Nesting software as well as custom projects within the sheet metal fabrication division. More info...

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