Stripe Rust Alert - April 11, 2018
Stripe Rust Found in SEK

Stripe rust has been confirmed in Southeast Kansas this year. It was confirmed on the afternoon of April 10th in southern Montgomery County near Coffeyville and, in at least one particular part of the field, in surprisingly high levels. I tend to call these "hot spots" which may seem like the disease is at a higher incidence than reality. This field of Everest was planted in late October and is some of the most advanced in the area in that the flag leaf is just emerging out of the whorl.

For reference sake, it was found on April 4th last year. However, last year's wheat was much farther along. In fact, much of the wheat was in boot or even some at heading. 

Below is a video I made last year in how I scout for the disease. Note the advanced growth stage despite being almost a week earlier!  

Scouting Wheat for Stripe Rust
Scouting Wheat for Stripe Rust
Foliar Fungicide Ratings
Whether or not to treat depends on the yield potential. For this year's yield potential, the most pressing concern is probably the potential freeze damage (see below).

Dr. Erick DeWolf, K-State Research & Extension State Wheat Plant Pathologist releases his ratings for fungicides every year. The following link will take you to the pdf of that publication.

Foliar Fungicide Efficacy Ratings for Wheat Disease Management  
Scouting for Freeze Damage
There is a lot of concern on the wheat condition after the recent cold temperatures. In all honesty, we are still in a wait and see mode. I have been checking some tillers across the district and, as of now, the growing points appear fine. However, we will know more later in the week. Click here for the K-State Research and Extension Publication titled Spring Freeze Injury to Kansas Wheat.


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