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I am pleased to announce that the consolidation of Museumwise and the Museum Association of New York is now complete. A new board has been elected that represents a diverse cross-section of museums, and museum professionals, from across New York State. The board includes strong representation from our former organizations.


Our first act was to agree on a name for our new, united organization. The vote was unanimous: we will be the Museum Association of New York.


The name is clear and describes who we are. The name also has remarkable equity and recognition at a state and national level. We don't need to spend money and time creating awareness for a new brand.


We did feel that we could do a better job of clarifying what we do by dividing our services into three simple categories. The names we have chosen for these categories describe our primary activities - and also reflect the strengths of our shared past:


- One Voice - advocacy and strategy

- Museumwise - training and resources

- Conversations - conferences and seminars


Our goal, moving forward, is to bring the spirit, vitality and individuality of our former organizations into a new, united organization. We will continue to meet your expectations with a full range of programs and services, big and small. We will evaluate how to better accomplish what we do and how we do it, to assure that we are effectively delivering the service and advocacy you need.


This is an exciting new chapter in our 60 year history. We have much work to do in the months ahead, including the implementation of a new, united website. Rest assured, our mission will remain constant: to serve you, to advocate for you, and to provide the tools you need to succeed. Together, working with you and serving you, we can all be stronger.


Please let us know how we are doing along the way.

On behalf of the board and staff, welcome to the new Museum Association of New York.



Rob Cassetti

President, Museum Association of New York


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