more distant still

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 30
2 - 5pm

runs until October 21, 2017

"One of my favourite colours in painting is blue and blue happens to be a favourite for some of the most important and influential artists in history. The Tate makes reference to several of these artists in Eight Blue Moments tracing the celebration of blue through certain works including Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne, Gainsborough's The Blue Boy, Matisse's Blue Nude, Kandinsky's Cossacks, to Klein's IKB79, Jarman's Blue, Hiorn's Blue Cave, and Fritsch's Hahn/Cock. There are also other famous works that come to mind like those from Picasso's Blue Period (1901-1904) or Kapoor's The Chant of Blue.
When I walked into Stu Oxley's studio I was immediately drawn to his darker paintings featuring blue. The work caught me off guard initially but within no time I was fully immersed and mesmerized. Oxley has his own take on the colour and uses it in extraordinary ways to play with light and the mysterious imagery that lies beneath the layers of paint he applies to his canvases. Each painting has an energy that commands your attention yet simultaneously calms and comforts you. They are soothing, contemplative and all encompassing ... Like the stillness of the midnight sky and distant horizon. They are what Stu Oxley does best. More Distant Still opens Thursday, September 28th (with a reception on Saturday, September 30th from 2-5pm) and runs until Saturday, October 21st, 2017."   - Renann Isaacs

Art Toronto 2017

October 27- 30
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Booth A43
renann isaacs contemporary art
5 gordon street, unit #107, guelph, on, N1H 4G8

open tuesday-friday 10-6, saturday 9-5, or by appointment