Yes , it s true ,It has been for the past year and still ongoing . It is and has been a huge financial strain, very depressing and stressful time,along with my recent back operation what more could i ask for. Please read on, as  you can help SAVE -STU"S FLY SHOP . Its very easy if you could email the government department below and forward this to friends,fly fishing community and on social media ,it will all help, so please do it.

 Letters,emails have come in and phone calls made telling me to cease trading after all these years as Stu's fly shop and destroy all marketing . I feel bullied, threatened and a victim of the big guns and powers to be and also feel a huge mistake has been made.In the attack of such a small iconic, unique fly shop in New Zealand thats been around for nine years.   

As they gang up on me and try to stop me being called a fly shop?The owner of another fly shop in NZ ,somehow sneakily  4 years ago registered the words/word fly shop, which i never knew about, at the time, to contest as nobody tells you these things in the government bodies. You would have thought they could just have used google and seen straight away there is more than one fly shop in the world and in NZ and its used commonly to describe through out the world, a shop that specializes in selling flies and fly fishing equiment.If only the people at IPOZNZ the reg trade mark people had done their homework ,would or will admit they made a mistake! and that it should never have been registered, as its descriptive. Well ! , Thats my opinion and many other professionals i have spoken too . 

 Apparently in the letters and emails i received. I am imitating  the owner  and his fly shop and confusing all his customers! I am pretty sure even at a glance this is not the case. I  have my own range of flies,  guiding services, NZ Fly fishing schools  and i sell totally different top brands of fly fishing gear. 
 One of my past lawyers, this year, trying to help me(for payment ),, spotted on his web site ,that he was blatantly copying one of my fly designs including the name and selling some of my fly old designs with even the word Stu in front of!(something that had been going on for years which i choose to ignore,childish, jealous, behavior) He gradually admitted it and removed all of them ! If any one was imitating anyone and trying to cause confusion, i don't think it was me ! 

 Stu's Fly Shop was the first bricks and mortar fly shop in NZ that was a  retail shop you could visit, and opened its doors some nine years ago .(but who really cares, its not the point) You can even see me erecting the a huge sign - Stu's Fly Shop - at the start of the now old, fly fishing /tying film , that i made some years ago-             A Foam Odyssey. 

The old Stu's Fly Shop original sign

The word fly shop i have always used as  descriptive words for my wee shop and online shop and i feel no one should own or be able to own the words fly shop  or fly fishing shop ,as they are descriptive of thousands of other fly shops in the world. Anyone can own and start a fly shop even here in NZ , just like bookshop, supermarket , fishing rod, fly rod,you cannot register them in NZ as they are descriptive, so why fly shop?

 My name is Stu and i sell mainly flies - so i own a little shop/web shop called Stu's fly Shop, or it could Stu's Book shop , Stu's Super market !! Stu's is my so called brand not the word/words fly shop,fly fishing shop, book shop, super market , fishing rod, fly fishing rod, fly rod thats just the descriptive term of what i am and specialize in, that is used in the industry.
The lawyers bills are coming in strong and fast to try and fight this crazy legal battle and i would like your help please, all you have to do is send a email, please see below. Thank you ,so much in advance. Stu and Trigger. 

As soon as i released my NEW WEB SITE that was over four years of hard work completing  - The other parties official ,i must cease trading, letters, emails started to arrive! The gun shots started to ring!  All i  want is a quite life in the country and to own a small fly shop and do what i love, i realize in life some people don't want you to do that!

One of my old signs


All you have to do is email the government IPONZ dept

Put as email Subject 


Please tell them   - (or just cut and paste the text)

It is not fair,That Stu's Fly Shop cannot be registered and is being punished for being an iconic, recognized world wide renowan professional fly shop in New Zealand. That the word/words Fly Shop should never have been made a registered trade mark as it/they  are descriptive and  are comonly used in the fly fishing industry. So please undo your wrong doing and help Stu's Fly Shop stay as Stu's Fly Shop for years into the future.
I look forward to your reply.

      HERE IS THEIR EMAIL (cut and paste)

Another very old sign , my casting lessons are now a minimum of three hours, Things i have learned through the years, of fly casting instruction.
Stu,s Fly Shop 5th edition and design t-shirts and hoodies

The old Stu's Fly Shop , Motorbike.


STU- Owner - Wishing,people would just get on with their own life !
  TRIGGER - Trained jealous people eater!

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