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The UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) seeks a talented and motivated individual with experience in academic and research program development and administration. UCHRI is the systemwide organization serving all 10 campuses in the UC system. The Research Programs Manager will work in close collaboration with the Director, Assistant Director, Research Communications Manager, Program Officer, and technology staff. This position will be responsible for leading, managing and coordinating the programs associated with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant,  Infrastructure and Its Inquiries: Horizons of the Humanities
National Research Council of the National Academies
Postdoctoral & Senior Research Associateship Program
Deadline is August 1

The NRC Research Associateship Programs promote excellence in scientific and technological research conducted by the US government through the administration of programs offering graduate, postdoctoral, and senior-level research opportunities at sponsoring federal laboratories and affiliated institutions.  Prospective applicants select a research project or projects from among a large group of research opportunities available through the website. 

National Science Foundation Cultural Anthropology Scholars Awards
Deadline is August 16

The National Science Foundation announces an opportunity for methodological training by cultural anthropologists who are active researchers. Methodological training is intended to help cultural anthropologists upgrade their skills by learning a specific analytical technique which will improve their research abilities. For example, support may be requested to learn new methods of cross-cultural research, demography, remote sensing and GIS, ecological field survey, linguistics, etc. Support may be requested to learn any methodological skill that is necessary to advance the scholar's research agenda, as justified in the proposal with reference to published results from prior work. 
Deadline: 07/15/2017

The Canada Institute seeks qualified, part-time interns each semester with an interest in, coursework related to, or experience working on Canadian policy topics and Canada-US issues. Internships are designed to provide the individuals selected with the opportunity for practical experience in an environment that successfully mixes academic study with public policy. Interns will gain valuable experience in a variety of projects such as conference organization, library and Internet research, assistance with the preparation of publications, and administrative assignments in support of program and Center activities.
Deadline: 07/14/2017

The Kissinger Institute seeks qualified, part-time interns each semester with an interest in, coursework related to, or experience working on experience working on China and the United States. Internships are designed to provide the individuals selected with the opportunity for practical experience in an environment that successfully mixes academic study with public policy. Successful applicants should have strong research and/or administrative skills, be detail-oriented, be able to work independently and collectively as part of group, and be currently enrolled in an undergraduate/graduate degree program, a recent graduate (within the last year), and/or have been accepted to enter an advanced degree program. He/she should have strong writing skills, good analytical and research skills, basic computer skills, and a strong interest in China-related issues. 
Deadline: 07/15/2017

The Middle East Program's meetings, conferences and reports assess the policy implications of regional developments (political, economic, and social), the Middle East's role in the international arena, American interests in the region, strategic threats to and from the regional states, and the role and future prospects of the region's energy resources. Interns will be assigned to work directly with the Middle East program staff in support of project activities for 20 hours per week. Interns should have an interest in the Middle East, preferably with some coursework related to, and/or experience working on Middle East issues. Fluency in Arabic, Farsi, or Turkish preferred but not required.

Deadline: 07/20/2017
The Biological Anthropology Program supports multifaceted research to advance scientific knowledge of human biology and ecology, including understanding of our evolutionary history and mechanisms that have shaped human and nonhuman primate biological diversity. Multidisciplinary research that integrates biological anthropology with related anthropological fields, such as archaeology, cultural anthropology, and forensic anthropology, also receives support through the program. This solicitation specifically addresses the preparation and evaluation of proposals for such  Dissertation research projects in all of the subareas of biological anthropology are eligible for support through these Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement (DDRI) grants. Proposals must be submitted with a principal investigator (PI; the faculty member serving as the doctoral student's dissertation advisor) and a co-principal investigator (Co-PI; the doctoral student) from the same US university.

Deadline: 08/01/2017

The traditional Fulbright Scholar Program sends 800 US faculty and professionals abroad each year. Grantees lecture and conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields. See the website for specifics on how to apply, how to choose a country, and full eligibility requirements.

Deadline: 08/09/2017

Grants for Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions (FPIRI) support fellowships at institutions devoted to advanced study and research in the humanities. NEH fellowships provide scholars with research time and access to resources that might not be available at their home institutions. 
Deadline: 07/15/2017
Washington, DC

The Library of Congress invites qualified scholars to conduct research in the John W. Kluge Center using the Library of Congress collections and resources for a period of up to eleven months. The Kluge Center especially encourages humanistic and social science research that makes use of the Library's large and varied collections. Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, or multi-lingual research is particularly welcome. Scholars who have received a terminal advanced degree within the past seven years in the humanities, social sciences or in a professional field such as architecture or law are eligible. Exceptions may be made for individuals without continuous academic careers. Applicants may be US citizens or foreign nationals. 

Deadline: 08/01/2017

The Commission offers a range of Senior Scholar awards for research periods of 3-4 months. Each year the Commission offers up to five general scholarship awards (in any field), and three sponsored scholarships (in a range of disciplines). See website for details.
Deadline: 08/01/2017

The Commission offers highly prestigious Distinguished Chair scholarships to appropriately qualified US academics and professionals. These scholarships aim to foster cultural understanding and educational exchange in a wide range of disciplines including public policy, advanced science and technology, health, cultural competence, entrepreneurship and innovation, arts and more. See website for details. 

Deadline: 08/15/2017
Boston, Massachusetts

The successful candidate will develop at least a portion of her or his work from original research in archival materials from the collections of the Kennedy Library located in Boston, Massachusetts. Four fellowships are offered.

Marjorie Kovler Fellowship
The Kovler Fellowship  is intended to support a scholar in the production of a substantial work in the area of foreign intelligence and the presidency or a related topic. Stipend of up to $2,500. 
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Research Fellowships
Preference is given to research in either of the following areas: the foreign policy of the Kennedy Presidency, especially in the Western Hemisphere; or the Kennedy Administration's domestic policy, particularly with regard to racial justice or the conservation of natural resources. Stipend of up to $5,000.
Abba P. Schwartz Research Fellowship
The Schwartz Fellowship carries a stipend of up to $3,100. It is intended to support a scholar in the production of a substantial work in the areas of immigration, naturalization, or refugee policy. 

Theodore C. Sorensen Fellowship
The Sorensen Fellowship carries a stipend of up to $3,600. It is intended to support a scholar in the production of a substantial work in the areas of domestic policy, political journalism, polling, press relations or a related topic. 

Deadline: 07/15/2017
Advanced doctoral students (advanced to candidacy--all but dissertation) and established scientists are eligible for Leakey Foundation research grants. The Leakey Foundation exclusively funds research related specifically to human origins. Priority of funding is commonly given to exploratory phases of promising new research projects that meet the stated purpose of the Foundation. The majority of the Leakey Foundation's research grants awarded to doctoral students are in the $3,000-$15,000 range. Larger grants to senior scientists and post-doctoral students may be funded up to $25,000. There are no citizenship restrictions.
Deadline: 07/15/2017

The United States-Japan Foundation supports US-Japan policy-related studies, initiatives, and exchanges that help address issues of significant mutual concern to the United States and Japan. Projects should emphasize research over dialogue, have lasting and practical relevance to policymakers, encourage growth, education, and interaction of younger scholars and policymakers, disseminate results widely, and focus on the long term. See website for current interest areas and how to apply. Deadlines are for letters of inquiry. Full proposals by invitation only.

Deadline: 08/01/2017

The foundation welcomes proposals from any of the natural and social sciences and the humanities that promise to increase understanding of the causes, manifestations, and control of violence and aggression. Highest priority is given to research that can increase understanding and amelioration of urgent problems of violence and aggression in the modern world. Questions that interest the foundation concern violence and aggression in relation to social change, intergroup conflict, war, terrorism, crime, and family relationships, among other subjects. Priority will be given to areas and methodologies not receiving adequate attention and support from other funding sources.
Deadline: 08/01/2017

The program is intended to support education research projects with budgets of $50,000 or less. In keeping with the Spencer Foundation's mission, this program aims to fund academic work that will contribute to the improvement of education, broadly conceived. Historically, the work funded through these grants has spanned a range of topics and disciplines, including education, psychology, sociology, economics, history, and anthropology, and the projects employ a wide range of research methods. See website for more information.
Deadline: 08/15/2017

The Political Science Program supports scientific research that advances knowledge and understanding of citizenship, government, and politics. Research proposals are expected to be theoretically motivated, conceptually precise, methodologically rigorous, and empirically oriented. Substantive areas include, but are not limited to, American government and politics, comparative government and politics, international relations, political behavior, political economy, and political institutions.

Deadline: 08/02/2017

The New Zealand Winston Churchill Memorial Trust assists people to travel overseas to learn from others and explore topics that will help advance their occupation, trade, industry, or profession on their return to New Zealand. The average amount awarded for a fellowship is between $5,000 and $7,000, which is a financial contribution towards the costs of overseas travel The fellowships are open to people at all stages in their careers, in any profession, industry, occupation or trade.  Must be citizen of or ordinarily resident in New Zealand.
Deadline: 07/15/2017

The Foundation supports projects that seek to enhance communication and mutual understanding between the American and Japanese people. The Foundation will consider communication/public opinion projects that not only raise awareness about Japan in the US and/or US in Japan, but also deal with concrete issues that affect the bilateral relationship (or are faced by the two nations). Projects on print media, broadcast media, polling/public opinion research, and the Internet are encouraged. Submission dates are for letters of inquiry. Full proposals are by invitation only. 

Deadline: 08/15/2017

Ploughshares Fund makes grants to support initiatives aimed at preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons and toward their eventual elimination. The fund also supports efforts to prevent conflicts that could lead to the use nuclear weapons and to promote conflict prevention as a necessary approach to stability. 

Deadline: 08/01/2017

Award presented to the graduate student author who submits the best original technical paper contributing to the advancement of science and engineering related to the atomic nucleus. Must demonstrate originality and ingenuity and should be in a form suitable for publication. To be eligible for the award, a student must have been registered in a graduate degree program at a recognized institution of higher learning for one year prior to the award. A thesis is not acceptable. See website for other eligibility requirements.