Wayland Middle School
A Message from Nurse Nims

If your child suffers with seasonal allergies, please be sure he/she is taking his/her prescribed allergy medication daily, including allergy eye-drops if prescribed. We do not stock allergy medicine in the health room other than a small supply of Benadryl for acute allergic emergencies. Other tips to help manage your child’s allergies this spring:
  • Have your child shower after coming in from outside to remove pollen from hair on the head and on the face (eyebrows/eyelashes).
  • Rinse the nose with a nasal saline rinse to remove pollen after being outside.
  • Keep your child’s bedroom windows/door closed, especially on windy days when pollen can more easily infiltrate the house through open windows.
Kind Regards,
Marcia Nims, RN, BSN  
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