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April 2016
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We're going to Tribeca Film Festival with 

We're thrilled to announce that BETWEEN US from Writer/Director Rafael Palacio Illingworth and Caviar Entertainment and starring Olivia Thereby, Ben Feldman and Adam Goldberg will make it's premier on Monday night, April 18th at Tribeca! Tickets sold out almost immediately, but click the pic below to get info on the film and more screening times.

MONDAY, APRIL 18th @ 8:30PM

And Did We Mention We're Also Going To Nashville FF and Maryland FF with SHU-DE?!

Premiering at the Nashville Film Festival
Saturday, April 16th @ 6:45PM & Sunday, April 17th @ 12:15PM
May 4-8, 2016

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This week, we decided to start a new series of podcasts from Studio Unknown, that we're affectionately calling StUnCasts.

Episode 101 "Hawaii I/O" features Rich Bussey (Sound Editor and Foley Recordist) and I (Matt Davies - Partner, Super. SFX Editor) discussing 2 recent vacations to Hawaii from 2 different perspectives. Rich was staying with family, I was traveling with family on a cruise.
Listening, you'll hear some of the many recordings we both made in the Aloha State and how widely they range. We talk about some of the weird oddities in sound we experienced, from hoards of roosters to Space Fighter sounding Fireworks.

Last week, MovieMaker Magazine dropped it's annual list of the 50 Festivals Worth The Entry Fee . We love this list because not only does it keep the independent filmmakers in mind, but it also draws attention to some pretty amazing festivals that may sometimes be overlooked. One of those festivals happens to be Cucalourus , which is very near and dear to our hearts here at Studio Unknown. For the past few years, we have sponsored and attended the festival, and met some pretty great filmmakers. This years list also touted the Atlanta Film Festival , which managing partner, Jaime Horrigan, just returned from attending to see HERE COMES RUSTY . Also, included is the Nashville Film Festival, where SHU-DE will premiere this weekend! So get out there and look into some great and unique festivals for later this year or next!

Courtesy of: MovieMaker Magazine

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