Spring has Sprung!, BYX - Bikram Yoga Xpress, Visiting Teacher, PARKING, ARTISTS, Silent Candlelit Class and more!
Spring Has Sprung

Flowers are popping up and we are starting to see a hint of that beautiful, yet still chilly sunshine we have all been longing for and anxious to see.  

This doesn't mean you don't continue to exercise and maintain your regular practice at the studio though right?  After all....you still need to show up in your swimsuit at the beach come June, July and August.  We don't need those to be troubling times.

So sign up today for Bikram Yoga, Hot HIIT, BYCV Barre, Barre BURN!, and our NEW (YES NEW) class, BYX - Bikram Yoga Xpress (We will tell you more about this a little further down the page.)
BYX - Bikram Yoga Xpress

Wow! You're already a little further down the page...

Call us crazy (we're actually quite used to it) but you have been asking for these classes....and ASKING.....and ASKING....and ASKING! You yogis can be quite persistent at times! So, after 2 years of saying NO WAY!, we have decided to say YES WAY!

We are excited to announce, that we are starting out with  two 60 Minute Bikram Yoga Xpress classes a week.  One at  12:00pm on Tuesdays and the other at 12:00pm on Fridays .  We will see how these go and add more according to attendance and demand.

BYX is a 60 minute version of our regular 90 minute Bikram Yoga class. Make no mistake....just because it's 60 minutes long, doesn't mean it's easy! Expect to work just as hard and sweat just as much!

These classes will be included in the " Bikram Yoga Only Membership " the " All Inclusive Membership " and any of our  10, 20 or 40 class passes .   So come and check them out.  You will notice that with the addition of the Friday BYX class, we no longer have the Friday Barre BURN ! Barre BURN! is now on  Tuesdays at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 11:00am.

If you're totally confused, c heck out our class schedule at the bottom of this page, or our website for a complete class schedule.
Visiting Bikram  Yoga Teacher!!

Let's all wish Jim a warm welcome to our studio!

Jim took his first hot yoga class in 2006 and fell in love with this style of yoga from the very first drop of sweat. When he was a young man he was in a devastating automobile accident which resulted in multiple fractures and nerve damage. A regular practice of hot yoga has enabled him to continue with his recovery and to stay fit and pain free.  In 2009 he went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Palm Desert, California and has been teaching ever since.

His love of all types of yoga has enabled him to teach and take classes all over the world during the last several years. Yoga is his fountain of youth! He continues to enjoy teaching and practicing, and looks forward to helping others enjoy the benefits of hot yoga.
Silent Candlelit Class

Join Natasha in the hot room on Sunday, April 22nd at 9:30am for a lovely, yet challenging silent, candlelit Bikram Yoga class.

We recommend a minimum experience of 10 classes to participate.

Don't miss out on a memorable, energizing, enlightening experience.
Easter Rabbit Pose Contest Winner......

Mary Weiler!!!! You seriously rocked out  RABBIT in this photo!  Not only did you submit this awesome photo.....you were the only one to submit a photo!

Where are you yogis?   We know more of you can do rabbit pose....We seen ya with our own eyes. Anyway, everyone can wish Mary a big congrats as she just won herself a yummy mexipop!

Pick one out at your convenience Mary. Job well done and thanks for the great photo Cynthia (nice toes by the way!) We think you should have a mexi pop too!

Ok.....lots of confusion in the past few weeks with mixed up signs. A little bit of hostility perhaps from other businesses.

Anyway, no harm done. We now officially, have the 3 parking spots right in front of the studio which are now  very clearly marked.

We also have a 1 designated spot in the back lot behind United Flooring. 

The City of Courtenay parking enforcement officers are very understanding of the studio and our students. and are very lenient with parking along the road.

If you park in another businesses designated parking spot during posted hours, EXPECT TO BE TOWED!
Speaking of Artists...

You will notice we only got to share this AMAZING piece of art with you for a short time (it was sold).

It was all hand carved over a period of 120 hours by our truly talented, Wednesday evening deskie Alexia. If you have any questions or are interested in her work, you can contact her through Wood Vibe Tribe.
See you at the Studio!