Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Hamper, Lost & Found, Schedule Change, New Years Eve Silent Candlelit Class and more!
Seasons Greetings!

Warm Wishes, Peace, Love and Joy to You and Yours this Holiday Season!

Thanks to everyone who came to our annual studio Christmas potluck party. Amazing people, amazing food and lots of fun had by all!

We want to make sure you keep a regular practice this Holiday Season, so with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Day (Jan 1st) when we will be closed, we will have regular studio hours.  Check out our Studio Boutique for something special for that someone special and inquire at the front desk if your interested in purchasing a gift card for use in our Boutique or for any of our Class Passes.
Movember... A huge success!

Our Karma fundraising class in November brought in a whopping $300.00! The money from this class went towards raising awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men's suicide.  Thank you for your overwhelming support of such a great cause!
Christmas Hamper 

We always love it when Rob Phillips comes around with the Christmas Hampers every Christmas season.  This is such a great way for our studio to help brighten up the holiday season for two Comox Valley families.

Please bring in a food item or a few food items if you wish, from the list hanging over the large totes in the hallway at the studio.

Before you know it, we will have helped to make someone's Christmas a little easier.  Please don't procrastinate though....the hampers got out a little late this year and we need to fill them fast as the cut-off is December 12th.

  Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!!
Thrift Store Time Again

Yes....you guys loooooove to leave your stuff at the studio. We have enough water bottles to fill a large scale warehouse! Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get our point.

Clothes? Well we're surprised you have anything left to wear in your closet!  If you're missing anything, we probably have it.

*It all goes to the Thrift Store at the end of next week.*

If you are storing your mat at the studio and you don't work at the studio, that needs to go too.  Our deskies look after all of this stuff and it creates too much clutter at the studio and increased workload for them.

Thank you for your help!
Schedule Changes

Effective immediately, we are  changing our Thursday 7:30am Hot HIIT class to a Thursday 7:30 pm Hot HIIT class .

Switching this class to Thursday evening was due to a combination of poor class attendance in the 7:30am class and requests for more evening classes. Fingers crossed that this move will help us find the sweet spot!

Please also note:

*We are closed Christmas Day and New Years Day*

Yoga? Barre? Hot HIIT
 Yes, Yes, Yes. Daycare? NO!

We have tried incessantly to find a new childcare provider since our last one moved to the mainland. Unfortunately, we are no closer to finding one as of yet.

In the meantime, please be aware that our deskies are not childcare providers or babysitters.  Not only is this not their responsibility but we are not covered for this from a liability standpoint.

We are parents too and we love kids! Parents, your kids are more than welcome to come to the studio with you but if you are coming to the studio to take a class, can you please ensure that you have arranged childcare in advance, unless your child will be doing a 1/2 class with you.

Thank you for your understanding!

Balancing the Books

It's that time of year again! Yes it's Christmas but its also our financial year end.

As such, it would be  greatly appreciated if you could settle any and all outstanding balances you have on account with us by the end of December.

Your promptness in settling your account now and throughout the year, ensures the continued availability of this convenient service.

Thanks everyone!
New Years Eve Silent Candlelit Class

Our next Silent Candlelit Class is on New Years Eve, Sunday December 31st at 3:30pm with Natasha.

This class is a great way to round off this year and begin your New Year afresh.

You'll have lots of time to take class and get home/go out on the town and ring in the New Year with your family and friends!

All the best for 2018!!
Suggestion Box

1.  Hot yoga that's not Bikram

Stranger things have happened! At this time though, it's not something we are looking at. 

A 45 minute Hot Barre Express class on the other hand, is something we are definitely considering. Stay tuned!

2.  Thanks for a GREAT party!

You're most welcome!  We love having it and it's because we have such an amazing community of people like you that it's so great!  

3.  Memberships for fitness only,  but not yoga.

Well, because these classes are new to the studio, we have to "feel" them out and see how popular they become and make sure we could add enough classes to warrant BYCV Barre/Hot HIIT class memberships without Bikram Yoga. 

Now we can as you guys love these classes!  Presently we have one month passes, 10 class passes, 20 class passes and 40 class passes.  Annual memberships perhaps, come February 2018. 

4.  You are all amazing.  Thank You

You're all amazing.  We feel blessed.

5.  Evening Hot HIIT

You got it! Now you have to show up and support it. 7:30pm on Thursday nights and if it goes well, we may add a few more evening classes.

6.  An evening Hot HIIT

Ok....that's at least two of you down with this idea. You two better show up!

7.  I Love you xoxo

Stop already! You know how you make us blush when you tell us this.  

8. Where's the humidity....Been sooo dry lately

It sometimes fluctuates with weather, especially with the change of seasons and class attendance. Be glad you didn't put your name on your sticky note. Class today would have had something to say to you about that!

Also...be careful what you wish for. Iain takes things like "its not hot enough" or "it needs to be more humid" as a serious challenge!

9.  Could we please have dimmer switches in the hot room for yoga? Savasanna tough and the glare is directly under light.  Thanks.

We're going to say no to this one at this time. Why? It means replacing all of the fluorescent tubes in the hot room with special dimmable LED fluorescent tubes which is a sizeable expense. As tubes fail, we'll replace them with the newer dimmable tubes so "eventually in the future", it'll be something we'll be able to do.

In the meantime though, we can look at turning the main lights off for savasana like we do at the beginning and end of each Bikram Yoga class.