Bi-Annual Membership Sale, Parking, Free Classes for your Valentine on Valentine's Day, New Classes and Old..., BYCV Barre Curl Clinic, 30 Day Challenge and more
Welcome FebYOU ary!

We are finishing up our 30 Day, New Year Challenge on February 13th, but not our fitness goals. Stay on track. Keep going if you like! The challenge board goes all the way to why stop?! Or even just see what you can accomplish in 50 days. We have new classes, a  free "Barre Curl" clinic, and Valentine's Day this month. Wow! So much exciting stuff going on. Don't forget,  this is  also  the month to renew your Annual Membership at the studio!!
Bi-Annual Membership Sale 

Yes it's that time! Time to break open your piggy bank. Our best deal of the year has arrived yet again.  This year, we have three amazing annual membership options for you:

The first option, is our One Year Unlimited membership for  Bikram Yoga only .  The price, only $899.00 plus tax.

The second option, is our One Year Unlimited membership for BYCV Barre, Barre BURN!  and Hot HIIT only. The price, only $899.00 plus tax.

The third option is our  All Inclusive One Year Unlimited membership for  Bikram Yoga, BYCV Barre, Barre BURN! and Hot HIIT .  The price, $999.00 plus tax. 

Feel free to come into the studio at your convenience, starting on Friday February 8th, for the remainder of the month of February to purchase one of these awesome deals and set yourself up for a fit, amazing 2018. Prices will go back to regular rates starting March 1st.

Parking is at a premium.  Please be aware of where you can and cannot park.  The studio parking spaces are clearly marked with signage. 

With that in mind, our landlord has recently informed us that our dedicated spots will change shortly. We will have THREE dedicated spots in front of the studio, ONE behind United Carpet and the usual 2 hour parking on the street.

If you happen to be doing back to back classes and are parked along the street, it would be advisable for you to move your car in between classes so as not to push the 2 hour time limit and the good graces of the very understanding parking enforcement officer!!

Also, if you park on the street, please consider pulling up a little closer to the car in front, to allow more students to park in the available space.  Often, one person is taking up 2 spots on the street where you could easily fit another car.   Yogis don't like walk TOOOOO far for parking.

Thank You!
Will You be Our Valentine?

Of course you will....but we will make an can bring your other Valentine to class for free on Valentine's Day.  Now you love  us don't you?! Plus, you will be the hottest, steamiest Valentine ever!
New Classes and Old.....

By popular demand, we have added a BYCV Barre class at 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings. Speaking of Barre, we are now offering two 45 minute Barre BURN! classes. One on Fridays at 12:00pm and another, which will be replacing the regular BYCV Barre class, on Saturdays at 11:00am.

We have also reinstated our Hot HIIT classes on Thursday mornings at 7:30am. Let's consider this one temporary for now, as we need at least 6 people per class to make it permanent. So if you love this class, tell all of your friends and get them to join you at the studio every Thursday morning!

Please keep your eyes and ears open for more class offerings coming soon.....

Check out our schedule at the bottom of this newsletter, or refer to the schedule page on our website for classes and times. 
Curl Clinic with the BYCV Barre Team

Are you interested in learning some tips to deepen your Barre Practice?  Well here is your opportunity.  Join the Barre Team for a  FREE  2 hour  Curl Clinic on Friday, February 23rd starting at 7:00pm

Learn correct form and set-up in Low Curl, High Curl, Straight Leg Clam and Arm Dancing.  Come with questions about props and how to engage your core! SPACE IS LIMITED so sign-up online or in studio to reserve your spot.

Student of the Month - Suzanne

On a cold day in November, seven years ago, two friends separately mentioned that the Bikram Yoga studio in town was starting a 30 day challenge. I thought, 'yoga!' No problem, love it, need to push myself, totally can do it. Um, it's hot in there-right? 

I had no idea that the psyche was capable of so much swearing! That first month taught more about discipline, hydration and connection than I'd ever known. Having been a stay at home mom for four years in Newfoundland, I'd recently moved to the Valley, aching to find a community within a community that provided mental and physical health benefits. The first week of the challenge was wrought with a bubbling mess of unearthing balance-not just in body but in mind. As much as I resisted, I knew there was something special about the endless amount of positivity that the teachers and other practitioners provided. Besides, in addition to having discovered the game changing benefits of electrolytes, there was the idiosyncratic gratification of placing a sticker on the wall beside my name after each class. The hug of that hot room was and still is a comforting place where the outside world melts off, guaranteeing a certain euphoria to carry the rest of the day.

I knew I'd found my place. 

A year later, I was working at the front desk and coming to practice on a regular basis. The beauty of what happens in the room came full circle when I photographed some of the Bikram Yoga classes:  Click here to see more.

There, I had a chance to stand back and understand that others were experiencing their own versions of awareness, struggle, power and peace. The result of which was moments of captured collective, yet individual efforts: a very powerful thing.

My yoga shorts and tank top collection grew as the years, challenges, posture clinics and yoga marathons went by. Just as I was thinking of needing an extra closet for water bottles and hair ties, the studio started offering Hot HIIT and Barre classes. Even though I was super busy with mommying, full time school and work, the studio became my fuel. I began rotating all of the classes into my schedule, knowing that, even in the heat of the summer I could jump into the river or ocean afterwards and feel blissed out and cooled down. Little did I know that I was also pregnant! By this time I'd begun training to become a Barre instructor. The real revelation came after teaching my first class. It seemed a natural progression to be able to give back some of what I'd learned since first walking past the open sign at the Bikram Yoga Comox Valley studio doors. From shyly approaching the woman behind the desk who was sporting odd looking side stringed short shorts to feeling like I've come home, I am so proud to be part of the studio that has helped me realize the strength that I've had all along! 

I wonder sometimes how many accumulated hours I've spent in that room, during which infinite thoughts have passed through my mind. In seven years, how many liters of sweat has my body released and how many vats of that coconut water have I drunk? And, really, how many Barre socks are too many Barre socks? It's only now, at 43 years old, as I still practice and take classes in my seventh month of pregnancy, that I know how healthy I am-even more so than when I was pregnant with my daughter 10 years ago.

To strength in community and dynamism in self!

- xo Suz -

Who's Lord of the Jungle?

Allllllright....who's the tarzan hanging off of the shower heads in the ladies change room? We have replaced about 5 shower heads in there this year.  THAT'S IT!

As some of you have probably seen, Iain has replaced one of the telephone style shower heads with a fancy, schmanchy rain shower head...that you can still hang off of....but please don't...Alice!!

Also, just a friendly reminder to please dry off in the shower or on the bath mat. It can get awfully slippery on the floors and we don't want anyone to slip and get hurt.
Elliot Update

We are thrilled to share with you an update on our little HERO! As many of yo u know, Elliot was flown to Vancouver  Children's hospital on Easter Weekend 2017. He was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hepatoblastoma (Liver Cancer). He was in significant amount of pain, his health was very fragile. 

Elliot received four rounds of a specific chemotherapy for his condition. He battled and persevered like a Lion! He had 66% of his liver  removed in August by a team of surgeons who at first were not sure they could do the surgery! Two more rounds of chemotherapy came post-surgery.

He managed to attend two weddings during the summer and even came home for a couple of weekends. YANA supported financially and with a place for Elliot and his Mother Kaitlin to call home. His Father Travis stayed at Ronald McDonald House.

Elliot came home on October 26th. His tumour markers started at 3,000,000.00! Post-surgery they were at 66,000 and the day we got to come home they were at 25! He has a follow up appointment on January 22nd where he will have a menagerie of tests. All said and done he is slated to receive his Cancer TROPHY! Elliot celebrates Christmas with an eternally grateful family. He turns 3 on January 15th!

His side effects from his treatment are now being evaluated and treatments determined. Significant hearing loss will be monitored and taken care of with hearing aids, speech therapy and support as they move forward. Drop foot (tripping) should work itself out as he develops muscles and strategies to manage  this.

In the end we are ever grateful to each and every person who has journeyed with us. Through prayer, encouragement, shoulders to cry on and a hot room to surrender in! Please pray for and send healing energy his way! Daily he is getting stronger, gaining appetite and blesses those he interacts with!

- Dawn -
Suggestion Box

We have had a few people approach us about different things at the studio such as a meditation class, Mikeola and her singing bowls, a vision board class, tarot card reading.  Does any of this kind of thing appeal to you?  Do you have ideas of this nature of your own?  We have tried movie nights in the past with not much success, and a few seminars, posture clinics that we actually cancelled from lack of interest......but we are always open to new ideas.  Let us know what you would like to see.... if anything. Put your ideas in the suggestion box.  

Multi pass mat rentals?
Yes....We have this already.  We rent mats by the month for $40.00 otherwise it's $2.00 per visit.

More Barre course on the schedule.  Like early during the weekend.  
The current BYCV Barre/Barre BURN! schedule is a reflection of our BYCV Barre team's availability and as such, what classes we can offer. The schedule is in a constant state of flux so you just never know! Please check the schedule page on our website for updates.

Perhaps Wave/Ocean Sounds before class to help with breath control/meditation.
No.  No wave/ocean sounds.  This is only because some people like complete silence before class and this  could be a  distraction.  Also, Bikram Yoga being as specific as it is...does not include the sound of ocean waves.   

Please, Please, Please Bring back Thursday 7:30am HIIT class.
Your wish is our command....with the stipulation that we get at least 6 people per class on a regular basis. The class is back and is on trial to see how it goes.

Reinforcement of mat placement
Well mats are supposed to be placed on the line, but with our lines so far apart on the flooring, this might not be very efficient at our studio.  Our room has the capacity to fit over 45 people in it....we rarely get more than 25.  Lots of space for everyone.

A mirror would be cool under the thermostat on the small side of the hot room.
Hmmm.  So would one on the ceiling....wonder what the logic would be behind this.  Not sure you could really see yourself or make any adjustments from a mirror that small...but hey...sure...why not?! We will take a look at this. See if it would add any benefit to ones practice.

Men's Change room.....Move hangers up to a height where coats and pants don't lay on the bench.  12-20inches.  Mirror to the other wall.
We're on it...give us a couple of days from the date of this newsletter.