Happy New Year! 30 Day Challenge, New Classes, New You!
Welcome 2018!

Wow!  A New Year. A new chance for new beginnings. An opportunity for growth,  to  make positive change, to adopt new ideas and make healthy choices.  Be inspired to set new goals this year, to lead you into the person you are meant to be.  We hope we can help you and be part of your exciting  journey.

We have lots of great classes with new ones on the way and amazing staff, who are always here to support and help you achieve your goals.
Happy New Year 30 day  Challenge

Speaking of opportunity for change, why not start the New Year off right by being good to yourself? Love yourself!  Dive in and do 1 or more of our classes (any of our classes: Bikram Yoga, Hot HIIT, BYCV Barre or Barre BURN!) a day for 30 days. Make your health and fitness a priority. Put yourself first!

These challenges are a great way to get yourself on track after the holidays as you have the support of all of those involved in the challenge and you always have our support too.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by. In 30 days you will thank yourself!

The cost is $99.00+tax for non-members and $20.00+tax for members. Sign up at the studio or online.
**New Class Alert**
Barre BURN!

Yes your heard right.  Beginning Friday January 19th at 12:00pm, CJ will be adding a new 45 minute, *heated* "Barre BURN!" class. Expect these classes to be fast, fun and intense!

These classes are included in your 1 year all inclusive membership (that inludes auto-pay) as well as your punch passes.
Silent Candlelit Class

Our next Silent Candlelit Class will take place on Sunday, January 14th at 9:30 am,  led by our lovely Natasha.  If you have never practiced a Silent Candlelit Class,  don't let this opportunity and new experience pass you by!

*You need 10 classes under your belt  participate.*

Dustin and his cheesy grin!
**New Class Alert**
Advanced Hot Mat Class

Yes....another new class for you to try.  Let's welcome  Marc St Jules to our studio.

He will be teaching a  1 hour, Intermediate/Advanced Hot Mat class starting later this month. 

He's looking right now for feedback on what times would work for people and is considering Tuesday from 12:00 to 1:00pm  and Tuesday from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

The cost would be separate from existing studio memberships and passes, and for the  6 week progressive Hot Mat Class would be  $100.00  ( $75.00 for studio members.)   Drop-ins would be $20.00 ($15.00 for studio members.)

*Note: these classes are designed for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.
Suggestion Box

1.  More Silent Classes Please

We would love to, but believe it or not, some people aren't crazy about th em like we are. The other part is, that you need 10 or so classes under your belt to participate and this has caused newbies to be sent home. So sad! This is why only 1 or 2 classes a month.

2.  Get rid of the suggestion box.  

Iain? Is this your suggestion??? Well, while you may not like the suggestion box, a lot of students do love it and it has given us great ideas for the studio and feedback over the past few years.  So no, suggestion box isn't leaving any time soon. But feel free NOT  to read it.  

3.  HIIT Classes / Barre Classes should be advertised in the paper/radio.  Get the word out.  You have something worth sharing.  

Well, yes we do. Thank You! We will be putting a big advertisement in the paper shortly.  But in all honesty, we get most of our new cliental not through the newspaper, but through YOU....through word of mouth and social media.  You guys LOOOOOVE to talk about us. Please keep it up!

4.   Essential Oils diffused into the hot room.

We like this idea and at one time we did try this.  What we have realized though, is that some of you are very sensitive to scent. Even essential oil.  One person may love the smell of lavender or orange, but it may turn someone elses stomach to have to practice for 90 min with that scent.  Some people won't take a cold towel after class because of the scent we have on them.  So for now, it looks like good old sweat scent is what pleases the masses. Mmmmmmmm!

5.  Noon class Tuesday and Thursday or early morning done by 7:30 or 8:00

Well if Marc agrees to put on the Tuesday noon class, we can start by seeing how that goes.  We had 6:00am classes for a few years but attendance was really, really low. In fact so low, that we had to cancel them.