BYCV Barre Warm-up Workshop, 30 Day Beach Body Challenge, Noon Classes, Silent Candlelit Class,  Mother's Day, Class Time Change and more......
Welcome May!

Longer days, more classes and a pretty sexy schedule of Bikram Yoga, Bikram Yoga Xpress, BYCV Barre, Barre BURN! and Hot HIIT. 

Don't let your practice fall to the wayside. We offer a variety classes to participate in, from 45 minutes, to 60 minutes, all the way up to 90 minutes. Be sure to check our schedule each month, as we often change class times up a bit to satisfy student and staff requests as well as studio needs.
Need some accountability, inspiration and drive? Sign up for our 30 Day Beach Body Challenge! Don't forget that you have a supportive community of fellow students and teachers to help you meet your goals.
BYCV Barre Warm-Up Workshop

This FREE workshop on Friday May 18th from 7:00-9:00pm, will focus on the class warm-up. In other words, the first 15 minutes of class.

Going through each exercise, the goal is to learn better form to maximize the benefits of each exercise which in turn, sets students up for a better overall class.   The warm-up is a very important part of this and every class!

S pace is limited, so be sure to  grab a workshop pass online here and then  sign-up here   to reserve your spot in class. You can also grab a pass and sign-up at the same time by following the "Book this service" link once you have your workshop pass.
30 Day Beach Body Challenge

It's " Beach  Body   Challenge " time once again! Get yourself out of hibernation, back into a workout routine and ready to HIIT the beach in fine form.  Don't put off until next year, what you can start now.  No excuses! Be in charge of your own health and happiness.

Be part of the challenge team and commit to 30 days of health and fitness....physical, mental and emotional.  This challenge includes all of our classes, so take any of our classes for 30 consecutive days.  Members get to join for $20.00+tax, and non-members for $99.00+tax. 

Challenge starts on Monday May  14th!

Buy online here:

Noon Hour, One Hour Classes All Week!

Are you short on time and finding it difficult to get your practice in or get your workout on?  Then try one of our warp speed, noon hour, one hour classes!

12:00pm noon hour, one hour classes Sunday to Friday and 12:30pm on Saturday. Something different every day!  Our new BYX (Bikram Yoga Xpress), Hot HIIT and BYCV Barre classes.

Please note that due to popular demand, our Friday 3:00pm Hot HIIT class time has changed to 3:30pm effective immediately.
Silent Candlelit Class

Join Tash on May 19th at 8:30am for a lovely  Saturday morning, silent candlelit Bikram Yoga class.

Come and enjoy this beautiful meditative sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in almost complete silence and with a peaceful, candlelit ambiance. 

Please make sure you have 5-10 classes previous  experience under your belt to participate in this class.

Mother's Day

Our moms do so much for us, so don't forget to celebrate her on this special day! 

Students can bring their moms, members can bring their moms, walk-in moms, members/students who are moms, basically moms, moms, moms!! 

Any and all of our classes are free for mom's on Mother's Day!

Suggestion Box

1. We would love to bring back "Student of the Month" to the newsletter. If any of you have a story about your experiences at the studio and would like to share it, please submit something to our email.  

2.  Barre, Flexibility and Stretch workshop.  

Great idea! Keep your eyes and ears open for this in the future. In the meantime though, be sure to check out our FREE "Barre Warm-Up Workshop" at  7:00-9:00pm on Friday May 18th.  

3.  Friday Hot HIIT at 3:30pm on rather than 3:00pm.

Happy to oblige! It just makes sense doesn't it?  You HIIT students are so smart.  As of today (Friday May 4th) our Friday Hot HIIT classes begin at 3:30pm!

4. Early AM classes
Seriously...Really...Are you trying to make us blow our lid...Make us CRAZY?? We have tried and tried and tried early AM classes.  We even had our three early AM students plead with other students to come early but to no avail.

We've done 6:00am, 7:00am and 7:30am classes and guess who shows up? Nobody! OK you three....settle down! There are a couple or three hardcore morning types that do show up SOME of the time but three a class does not make!

We understand your intentions are good about wanting to get up early for a class...but..intentions are just that and as the saying goes "The road to hell....."

We may add early morning classes during the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge so be sure to keep checking our schedule.

5.  More Barre Burn

See 8 below.

6.  Please bring back Barre Burn on Friday noon

See 8 below.

7.  Prefer Barre Burn Friday's at 12

See 8 below.

8.  Noon Barre on Friday again

Our BYCV Barre teachers have committed to the number of classes that they want to teach, on the days that they want to teach. They would like to take Fridays off.  So for now, the schedule for Barre is going to stay as it is. That being said, it's something that the teachers are willing to consider in the future. So happy that your enjoying these classes though!

9.  HIIT class at 8am Sunday!  Late and early don't work with kids and I work 5 days a week....but love the HIIT.  Plus a 12:30 Sat will be too hot in the Summer. 

See 10 below.

10.  Evening HIIT classes.  Most of us work 8/9 - 4/5.  I can't make current classes. 

Again, our Hot HIIT teachers decide what days  and times they can teach Hot HIIT and they all want Sunday off to spend with family.  Evenings are difficult too.  But never say never! Perhaps after the Summer we could revisit this. We'll keep you posted.

11.  7 pm Monday change to a Barre Class.

Well thank you for your  input, but we have quite a loyal following of Bikram Yoga practitioners that would be quite upset if we did that.  

12.  Ashtanga Primary class.  

Where on earth would we squeeze it in? As much as some of us love the Ashtanga series, right now we have enough on our plate with all these new classes.  

13.  Cold clothes are for our faces, not bits and pits!

Hmmmm....this is true. Well said. Be assured that our used clod clothes are thoroughly washed but even so, We don't want to catch anyone wiping bits and pits....thats for sure!!