Schedule Changes, Rememberance Day Silent Class, Bring Your Own Sweat Towel, Ho Ho Ho! Studio Potluck Xmas Party and more....
Happy November Everyone!

So hard to believe our unbelievably beautiful October has ended and November, along with the snow, has arrived.

We have a few things planned including schedule changes, a Remembrance Day silent, candlelit class and our annual, studio, potluck Christmas Party! 

Get out of the cold and snow and come into the heat. We have lots of times and classes to try!
More Schedule Changes!!

By popular demand, we are adding 2 additional BYCV Barre classes to our schedule.  Beginning Sunday the 12th, we will be adding a Sunday 12:00pm and Wednesday 7:00pm BYCV Barre classes.

With these changes, we will be removing the Sunday morning Hot HIIT class immediately.  The Bikram 7:00pm, Wednesday night class will switch to a BYCV Barre class starting on Wednesday the 15th.

If this is confusing...and we imagine it might be, please refer to our new class schedule on our website and at the bottom of this newsletter.  
Lest we forget.....

We will be having a Silent Candlelit Class  on  Saturday, November 11th at 8:30am in honour of all of our Veterans who keep us safe and allow us the freedom that we hold so dearly.

Lead by our beautiful Natasha, this class is for everyone with 10 or so  classes under their belt.

Later that same day, our 3:30pm class will be free for any veterans to participate in.  Our deepest gratitude and respect for all that   you do!
Towels here's the deal. We basically cut our rental towels out of the equation, asking that you buy your own/bring your own....and our laundry is stiiiiiiiilllllll piled to the moon! WTH?!  So we put our brains together.  But it was our very clever deskie, Anita (who looks after all those smelly towels every Tuesday morning) who came to the conclusion that it's the sweat towels that you yogis use to wipe your sweaty bodies, that's causing all of our laundry grief!

These towels were only ever intended to be used by heavy sweaters, to dry the floor of sweat around their mat after class, to prevent their fellow yogis from wiping out. It has gone far beyond this now, with yogis using them like candy...if candy was a sweat wiping towel! You get the picture.

If you need a towel to wipe your sweaty brow, then we ask that you bring your OWWWWNNNN sweat towel. Don't forget though...this is HOT YOGA! If you wipe the sweat off of your body or if you are constantly drying yourself, you are ONLY MAKING YOURSELF HOTTER!! The best option is to lie on your mat in stillness when not doing a posture and allow the sweat to do it's job...keep you cool. Wiping your face or body of sweat is a no no, a distraction and a bad habit that takes away from having a strong practice.

From now on and for heavy sweaters only, the teachers (who can see sweat puddles as they form) will hand out the sweat towels if and when needed.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding!!
Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Party!!!

Please join us at the studio for our annual potluck Christmas Party.

Saturday, November 25th at 7pm-ish.

Don't miss out on an awesome time to hang out with our sweet community of Yogis, Hot HIIT and BYCV Barre students. 

Bring your family, your significant other, your kids and of course your favorite food/s to share and expect a fun time. We'll provide the rest, chocolate fountain included!! 

Please click here to RSVP and we'll see you all at the studio!

Student of the Month - Celeste

Too busy, too tired. Whenever the thought of going to yoga came up, one of these predictable excuses shut the idea down. Despite knowing I had to do more to take care of my health, I was less likely to act than to feel helpless to change what seemed hopeless.

As a single mama of two kids who dance, play hockey, volleyball, basketball, sing and do martial arts, every day is full. I love every minute of watching my wee ones doing what they love but a tiny voice was increasingly getting louder: "what about me?" 

Shouldn't I be setting a better example when it came to self care? I knew the answer was yes! But how? 

The 'how' came by way of an 8 word text from long time Bikram yogi Michelle, who changed everything with her invitation to the fall 30 day challenge: "Celeste - Bikram challenge starts today. Let's do it!"

It was crazy! I couldn't do it. Or could I?

My response: "YES!"

Not because I had the time or the energy. My mind was screaming all the same old lame excuses, rationalizing the status quo but a stronger spirit prevailed. I wrangled the troops and set off in single focused determination: Bikram or bust!

30 classes  in 30 days. Sounds simple but as the saying goes, "the devil's in the details". I scoured my planner but not a single day was free and that's when I remembered an exercise I had done in college called "the big rocks of life."

It goes like this: take a big jar and fill it with sand and little rocks and then try to squeeze in big rocks. You can't. The big rocks have to go in first and then the pebbles and sand fall in around the edges and spaces between the big rocks. The big rocks are your priorities, the small rocks are important things and the sand is all the little things that all too often take up all the room.

If I was going to make it to 30 and I WAS GOING TO MAKE IT TO 30, things had to change! There had to be room for me in my life and in my planner!! So I rolled up my sleeves and got creative and I got buy in from the kids supporting mom!  They brought homework to dance so while they waited for my yoga to finish, they could get homework done. I arranged carpools, incentivized my kids to join me in the studio with mexipops, got up earlier and day by steaming hot day, I got closer and closer to my 30 in 30!

By the final week, my kids were as excited as I was. "You can do this!" My 12 year old cheered sleepily as I crept out for a challenge class before taking him to school and my 11-year-old daughter joined me for my final class, high fiving and hugging me, as excited as I was!

Our love for our children is so unconditional and infinite, that parents often say they would die for their children. This practice has made me realize the greatest gift I can give my children, is not to die for them but to live! TO LIVE fully and healthfully, modeling positive choices and priorities. Every week when I put Bikram in my planner FIRST, I am being the me I need to be and the mom they deserve. Because I love them eternally, I make Bikram my BIG ROCK!

- Celeste -

Dress up for Halloween and these are the results.....

You guys look fantastic!! Thank you for getting into the Halloween spirit!  If you came to class in costume on Halloween and you haven't already helped yourself to a free mexipop, please do.
Suggestion Box

Wow! You guys took it easy on us this month!!!  

1.  Add an evening HIIT Class

2.  Add an evening HIIT or Barre class.  

Well, based on the availability of our teachers and the popularity of our BYCV Barre classes, we have chosen to add a 7pm BYCV Barre class on Wednesday nights, starting November 15th.  This will replace our existing Bikram Yoga class and is in addition to the new 12pm BYCV Barre class on Sundays.

We will continue to evaluate our schedule and will look to add afternoon and/or evening classes (Hot HIIT and BYCV Barre) when the time is right.