Volume 32 | August 15, 2017
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  Executive Director Lori LeBlanc speaks on a Tele-Town Hall Meeting on behalf of GEST  

Last week,  Executive Director Lori LeBlanc spoke on a Tele-Town Hall hosted by the Consumer Energy Alliance. The purpose of the call was to discuss the development of a new offshore energy leasing plan for the United States

Also participating on the call were U.S. Department of Interior officials Vincent DeVito, Counselor to Secretary Ryan Zinke for Energy Policy, and Kate MacGregor, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management.

EPA: Our Air is Getting Cleaner as Our Economy Grows via U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

The report reminds us that environmental improvement and economic growth aren’t mutually exclusive... 

This matters for local economies. Besides the regulatory uncertainty, areas with ozone levels higher than the standard will have to implement new local regulations and restrictions on businesses and economic development to reduce the emissions that lead to ozone. Factories might not be built or expanded and local transportation projects could see their federal funds cut off..

When proponents of more rules—that have a cost—cry out that the sky will fall without them, remind them about our cleaner air, the technology needed to achieve it, and the economic growth that sustains such innovation.

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EPA Report

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